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Interview: RSRRCT

Interview: RSRRCT

Born in America but now spending his time between Thailand and Amsterdam, RSRRCT’s story so far is unique to even the most travelled story tellers.

As an artist, his music has seen appearances on labels like Say What? Recordings, and most recently he found himself releasing his Dukes Of Dopamine EP with Spartaque’s IAMTRED imprint, a sub-label to IAMT.

We caught up with the nomadic producer to discuss the new EP, what other labels he might be working with in the near future, and how he spent his time during lockdown. Get the full discussion below.

You recently appeared on Spartaque’s IAMTRED imprint for your Dukes Of Dopamine EP, tell us about the tracks? How did they come together in the studio?

I made both tracks around the same time during a very busy studio period before going to Thailand last winter. I was going through a more melodic kick and a lot of the music I have coming out from that time shows it. I usually play a much more melodic style while in Koh Phangan (the island I live on in Thailand part of each year), so I wanted to make songs that would fit my sets there!

The release includes two originals, was there no interest in putting remixes on this one?

I just sent a large demo over to Spartaque, and they picked several that they liked. I usually defer to how the labels want to do things in this sort of scenario. Their team also does an excellent job promoting releases, so I’m quite happy with the results.

And among the other labels in your catalogue, you’ve released on Say What? Recordings, what labels might we expect to see you on in the near future?

Well I have my release on the 28th of August with Reload, and I don’t want to spoil the rest of the surprises too much. Currently I have releases lined up every month through December and I can say that I will also be showing my face on some of Spartaque’s other imprints soon!

You’re American, but are based between Amsterdam and Thailand, what’s the story behind that?

I was born and raised in the Washington D.C. area, but I moved to Amsterdam many years ago for university. I graduated from the Universiteit Van Amsterdam with a degree in Finance and Organization, but it definitely wasn’t my calling. I chose Amsterdam, however, because of its strong music scene.

Thailand has been my second home for the last 3 or 4 years. A friend of mine from childhood moved out there with his wife. He’s also a DJ and producer and was getting involved in the scene there and told me I had to come out. The parties there are just completely something else, and I also take a lot of time there to meditate and sort of decompress. I think it’s important to tend to your mental state as much as your physical, and a stress free 3 months on a tropical island each year is the best kind of therapy.

2020 has been a bit of a rollercoaster, especially for the music industry, what have you been doing to stay sane over the past few months?

Lots and lots of studio time. I’m sitting on like 40 unreleased tracks, and I have a full release schedule into this winter. Now I’m focusing on signing tracks and producing some music for some other side projects I’m involved in.

And how much are you looking forward to playing to a crowded club again?

I haven’t been behind the decks with an actual crowd since I played at Half Moon Festival in mid March, so I’m definitely itching to play again. I’m not sure when it will happen though so in the mean time im focusing on building up strong releases!

Lastly, where’s the best place to follow your updates online?

I’m most active on Instagram. You can catch all news relating to RSRRCT there, along with my other daily shenanigans.

RSRRCT’s Dukes Of Dopamine EP is out now on IAMTRED.