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Interview: Reform

Interview: Reform

Italian double act Reform once again prove why they’re ready to join dance music’s elite, this time with a 3-track EP on Anja Schneider’s Sous Music imprint.

Previously the pair have made appearances with Etruria Beat, Second State and Odd Recordings, but their new Nightcall EP might be their most impressive work yet.

We caught up with the boys to chat about the tracks, what they look for in a potential label partnership, and where they might be releasing their next EP. Get the full discussion below.

Last month we saw you appear on Anja Schneider’s Sous Music with your Nightcall EP, tell us about the tracks and how they came together in the studio?

We are so proud to have our music come out on Anja’s label. She is a wonderful person and she is also one of the first artists we followed when we first were introduced to electronic music. With ‘Nightcall’ we decided to make a track suitable for the peak time moment in our sets, it’s really trippy – and made to burn the dancefloor!

The second track we used and pitched our own vocals, to create a more open-air festival track to bring something fresh to our daytime sets. Finally, ‘Back In Time’ was where we really did go back in time as it has key trance elements which took us back to some nice memories of clubbing in our younger years.

It includes three original tracks, will we see any remixes in the future?

Well, we do not know – but it would be a nice idea. Of course, we would love to have Anja on the remix, or maybe for her to recommend some acts she has her eye on that would bring something new with their own re-interpretation of the tracks.

And the other labels in your catalogue include Etruria Beat, Second State and Odd Recordings, what do you typically look for in a label when considering them for a release?

The first thing we look at in a label is the path that its taking with its releases and artists. We are fortunate enough to have made contact with a lot of great artists so we can send them our music directly. We always try to pitch to just the one label we have in mind, as we do not want to release on too many at once, less is more as they say.

What can you tell us about your upcoming releases?

After Anja’s EP we have another one on Second State, which will come out at the end of September. This is going to mark our 3rd EP on Pan-Pot’s label. We love working with the guys and their team, another awesome label. We’re excited to be back on it towards the end of this year.

You’re both Italian, a country that has been hit especially hard by Covid-19 over the past few months, what kind of things have you been doing to stay busy and proactive during lockdown?

Yes, Italy was hit very hard but we think that Italian institutions have managed the emergency well and the strict lockdown was necessary. Italy was the first in Europe with the pandemic, so it was not easy to make decisions on something that the government had not yet had any experience with. In the end, a lot of other countries looked to what we did and followed us with a lockdown, so we are proud.

Fortunately, the area in which we live wasn’t really affected, but we still have stayed at home, focused on music along with making some new tracks. We have several demos now that we are going to start sending out over the next few weeks.

Can you share a couple of albums that you’ve been rinsing while in quarantine?

We like all music, not just electronic or techno. We have listened to a lot of music in quarantine, and we’re especially impressed by the Redshape album ‘A Sole Game’ – it’s dark and experimental. Also, ‘The Inevitable End’ (which the name is very much appropriate it seems now!) by Royksopp. We love their sound because they produce electronic music but at the same time they design music, which is really close to our own genre.

And now that things are slowly opening again across Europe, how much are you looking forward to playing to a crowd?

From 1 – 10? Maybe 11! We can’t wait to get back on the road and play to people. I think everyone is in the same boat, it’s going to feel strange maybe at first with the new restrictions, but I think it will be a very emotional feeling too after 4 months of no shows. We hope it starts as soon as possible, as long as we can find a way to do this safely.

Lastly, where is the best place to follow your updates? And which track from the EP should people listen to first?

All our socials are pretty updated on our news but maybe Instagram is more fun to follow. We sometimes add stories also of our normal lives on there too! As for the track on the EP – this all depends where and what you are doing! But we would recommend ‘Back In Time’. But if you are getting ready to head out to a party, then the one for you is going to be ‘NIghtcall’.

Reform’s Nightcall EP is out now on Sous Music.