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Interview: NIKMIND

Interview: NIKMIND

Based out of Colombia, but now living in the U.S. – Bogota-native NIKMIND has been making quite a statement with his previous releases coming on record labels like ICONYC Noir and Frequenza.

The DJ, producer, and audio engineer recently launched his own ‘Mind Sessions’ mix series too, and is still pushing his ‘Not My Era’ EP for Side UP Works, before bringing something new later this month.

How are things in the life of NIKMIND right now?

Life has been a roller coaster of emotions and changes. These past few years I’ve spent a lot of my time learning about how the music business works, so I can execute my plans properly. After some big releases and events in 2022, I realised that we had to make some adjustments for our vision. Indeed these changes have not been easy, because all change generates discomfort, but we have also seen a better result and will see it in the months and years to come.

You previously debuted on Side UP Works for your ‘Not My Era’ EP – talks us through the three originals on the release?

This debut on Side UP Works was spectacular, because it’s the first time that other artists are interested in my music and decide to give it an extra touch. ‘Future Present’, ‘Dopamine’, And ‘Retro’ is the conjugation of styles that have most influenced my career. I think the beauty of electronic music focuses on the possibilities of it. Combining styles like techno and progressive house give you endless creative possibilities. The three songs focus on this deep vibe that leads to what I call the perfect tempo: not too fast, not too slow, it’s the right spot that you can concentrate on the sound and truly enjoy it.

And it includes remix work from Moonkiza, Ludviq, and JG Outsider, what are your thoughts on their edits?

Moonkiza, Ludviq, and JG Outsider truly gave the EP a light which brings more variety and applicability. Moonkiza did an excellent job on the rhythmic work in relation to the bass and the snare. You can dance in that style for hours! Ludviq gave a deep and psychedelic touch to ‘Future Present’, which reminds me of the intentions of Jean-Michel Jarre in his projects that I love. And last but not least, JG Outsider gave great energy to ‘Dopamine’ which left me impressed with that bassline and synths. Overall an excellent job guys, so grateful for your vision on the tracks!

Which other record labels might we see you on soon?

We have several record labels in our sights, and we’re working hard to achieve that goal. Of what we have in our serious plans will be: Miss Monique’s record label Siona Records, Joris Voorn’s Spectrum imprint and the label of Oliver Huntemann, Senso Sounds. From all three I love their style, versatility, and approach – it will not be easy but we’re on it, so wish me some luck.

You’ve also launched a new mix series called ‘Mind Sessions’, tell us about the concept?

‘Mind Sessions’ is a concept created around the NIKMIND brand, since the translation of my name would be the mind of Nik, what happens in Nik’s mind. It would be the monthly musical concept where I make a mix that will be shared on Soundcloud and Apple Podcasts to delight listeners the last week of each month. I will play the music that caught my attention that month, test out productions that I’m working on, and also try out new promos.

Is there anything else you want to talk about before we go?

It’s been quite refreshing sharing these thoughts with you, I love every article and it’s a real honour to be a part of this now! Thank you very much.

NIKMIND – Not My Era EP is out now on Side UP Works.

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