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Interview: Nico Morano

Interview: Nico Morano

Three months into 2020 and Belgian artist Nico Morano has already made his debut on Sincopat with the four track Merci Paris EP, and launched a brand new label of his own, Ontourage Music.

We recently got the chance to ask him a few questions about the new release, what he considers when releasing on a new label and what he hopes the future of Ontourage will include.

Hey Nico, we hope things are going well. How has 2020 been for you so far?

Things started perfectly. I just came back from a beautiful snowboarding vacation and two epic gigs in the French & Swiss mountains. The best of both worlds for me, boarding and gigging!

You’re about to debut on Sincopat with your Merci Paris EP, how would you describe the tracks?

The three originals are clubby, dancefloor minded, peak-time stuff.

And it includes a remix from Biesmans, how did you react when the final edit came back?

I only had to listen once to say yes. This is what the EP needed as it added some nice value. Something completely different on top of the originals. Watergate resident Biesmans just killed it with his Italo-disco touch. Big ups to him!

You have also released on Katermukke, Days Like Nights and Hive Audio, what do you typically look for when scouting for a label?

Good, but a rather difficult question. As this is ALWAYS one big question mark when I finish a track. As, to be honest, I never produce a track for a certain label. When the track is finalised, the journey begins!

The first question is, does it fit for one my own labels such as Ontourage Music or Atmosphere Records? If yes and if it fits the planning, well, easy. If not, then indeed the search begins. For me the most important part is, if I feel the label on different levels – is the label consistent in terms of style? Artwork, would I like to be on their covers? How do they promote the tracks? So it depends on various factors.

This month you launched your new Ontourage Music imprint, why is it the right time for a new label from you?

Indeed, on the 13th of March the first release on Ontourage Music will lift off. In 2019 the brand Ontourage has seen the light. We started it as a ‘party concept’. So we organised on a monthly base, in all corners of Belgium, for a limited number of people, a 4-hour party (between 18.00 and 22.00). Not in random locations, but at a-typical party locations. So we planned parties high in the sky, lost in nature, nearby the beach, in impressive old train stations.

We always wanted to create an umbrella brand that covers events, a music label, clothing brand, essentially a brand which connects with the fans. To create an entourage which feels 100% aligned on all levels. So now the time is ripe to unite the fans through music!

And who might we expect to see on the label in the coming months?

The first Ontourage release is my very own track ‘Blackout’ featuring Nathan Nicholson. This debut release will be a vocal driven track and two weeks later a clubby remix from the Italian duo Moonwalk will be released. Around two months later in the middle of May, the next Ontourage record will be launched, but I can’t reveal too much, can I? First thing first, BLACKOUT!

Lastly, what’s one bit of advice you would give to aspiring DJs and producers in house music?

If you wanna get somewhere, work your ass off. In the end, hard work will be paid off. This is and will always be my motto in life. But, if you don’t do it with love or with a smile, it will not work. So most of all, only do it if you truly enjoy it!

Nico Morano’s Blackout EP is out now on Ontourage.