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Interview: Long Island Sound talk new ‘Fracture’ EP

Interview: Long Island Sound talk new 'Fracture' EP

Long Island Sound add yet another prominent record label to their already impressive catalogue of past releases, as their new ‘Fracture’ EP lands on Turkish imprint Oath.

Bringing a total of six productions to the Istanbul-based label, the Dublin pair serve up lightweight garage drums and ethereal melodies across four new originals and two stellar edits – courtesy of Otik and Spray.

We recently spoke to the duo about the forthcoming EP, what other things they’re excited about in 2024, and what we might see from their own Signs of Space imprint in the near future.

How are things in the life of Long Island Sound right now?

We’re doing well, thank you. We both had some time off work and college recently, so we’ve been enjoying having some extra time to make music. We bought some new pieces of gear, like the Ninja Tune Zen Delay and some other MIDI bits – so we’re having a good time with those.

You’re about to debut on Oath for the release of your new ‘Fracture’ EP, how would you describe the four original tracks on this one?

It’s always difficult to describe your own music, but we’ll try! The tracks are darker than what people may have heard from us in the past. We were more intentional with the use of space. ‘Photos’ and ‘Your Love’ are spacious, but ‘Fracture’ is much more dense. We used a range of techniques on the vocals across the tracks too; things like beat repeats, delays, and gates to add depth and texture.

And it also includes remix work from both Otik and Spray – what are your thoughts on their edits?

Otik and Spray have really distinctive sounds. We’ve loved Otik since hearing ‘Seasonal FX’. His remix of ‘Flare’ is a pitched-up version of the OG, ethereal and breaks-heavy. It’s great to have Spray involved, having known him for the best part of a decade now. His remix is exactly what he’s becoming so well-known for: punchy and rolling! Big love to them both.

In 2022 we saw you release your debut album, and 2023 brought its subsequent remixes, how will 2024 be a special year for you?

Two things! We’ll be releasing our first full length album on Seb Wildblood’s all my thoughts label in a few months time. We’ve been fans of both his music and labels since he started Church, so we’re really stoked! We’re also working on a live show which we’ll be debuting this year.

What other goals have you set yourselves for this year?

We’re aiming to do some collaborations. We’ve obviously been making music as a two-piece for a long time, but we’d like to push ourselves further – towards vocalists too. We made tentative plans last year to collaborate with some great artists, but we need to make the time for that to happen this year! We also want to push our label forward, Signs of Space. It’s been really enjoyable getting to know some great musicians through inviting people to do remixes on the label and play at our parties in Dublin, so we’re going to keep expanding on that.

Alongside Oath, you’ve also put tracks out with Remmah, fabric, and Super Tuff – what do you look for in a potential label partnership?

It can often feel a little bit daunting to release on other labels and hand over some of the creative control around a release. Especially when you’ve put so much time and energy into your music – you want it to look and feel right. It’s hard to know exactly what to look for, but once we enjoy the music on the label, that’s a start! We know from running our own label that it takes a lot of work and effort to try and cut through the hundreds of songs that are released every day, so big love to all the labels that have put our tracks out.

Besides a few remixes, your own Signs of Space imprint has released exclusively your own productions, will we see any other artists releasing original music on there in the near future?

We started SOS in 2019, aiming to use it as a vehicle primarily for our own music. Having said that, we had a really positive experience putting out the Lost Connection Remixes last year. While we have no concrete plans to release other artists right now, we’ve been bringing some artists to play in Dublin through our SOS parties. Benjamin Damage is up next on March 9th.

Long Island Sound – Fracture EP is out February 23rd on Oath.

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