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Interview: Jessy Nimni

Interview: Jessy Nimni

Netherlands-based house producer Jessy Nimni breaks a multi-year hiatus to release his brand new Der Tag Ist Gekommen EP on UK imprint Voyeur.

The EP includes two original tracks, in Der Tag Ist Gekommen and City Of Worries, the latter of which also includes excellent vocals from Barak Suban.

Chatting to Jessy about the new EP, we got to ask him how the ideas came together in the studio, his multi-cultural roots, and what he’s looking forward to most after Covid. Get the full discussion below.

You just released your Der Tag Ist Gekommen EP on Voyeur, tell us how the tracks came together in the studio?

It’s funny, a few years ago a friend of mine asked me to record a speech for her friend in German. A year later when I was cleaning my desktop I found this recording and the sentence, “Der Tag ist Gekommen” which means “The Day Has Come” really inspired me and I started building this track around it. Regarding City of Worries, my friend Yotam told me that I had to hear Barak Suban’s voice. As soon as I heard it I had to make a beat for him, and that’s where the magic started.

And it’s your first release in over two years, why have you been so silent on that front?

It’s been a crazy few years, I have 2 kids now and had to travel a lot, but this time has helped me to create my new sound. There is an interesting year planned in terms of releases.

Was there no interest in including more than 2 original tracks on the EP? Or maybe a remix or two?

We originally had a 3 track EP but we decided along with Fabrice that we would release the third as a single at a later date. There are some interesting remixes in the works.

You have Dutch and Israeli roots, do you think it’s the combination of the two that led to you wanting to become a DJ?

I don’t think there is any connection to my roots with relation to me wanting to become a DJ. Long story short, I’ve always had a passion for music, so for my 14th birthday my mom came back from The Netherlands with a set of Technics 1210s, and the rest is history.

And what are some of the biggest differences you have noticed between Dutch and Israeli clubs?

A few years ago there was a major difference, but now there is a large underground scene that is growing and becoming more popular in Israel. I used to buy records in Amsterdam that were already popular in the Dutch clubs, but took at least a few months for people to accept them here. Now with the internet and live streaming, I think that things have become much more uniform.

Who are a few Israeli-based producers that you think are set to do big things over the next few years?

There are a lot of amazing producers here, a few that come to mind are Springhill, Shai T, Khen, and Chicola.

As the weather gets warmer, and the vaccine is rolled out, it seems that things are finally getting back to normal, what are you looking forward to most about life, post-covid?

Of course, the obligatory response of – “I miss the warm vibes of the crowd in the club” – but honestly just being able to breathe normally and get the kids in school so I can focus in the studio.

And what is one album or EP you discovered while in lockdown?

Oscillations by Eelke Kleijn is an absolute masterpiece.

Jessy Nimni’s Der Tag Is Gekommen is out now on Voyeur.