Hush & Sleep on their debut for Joseph Capriati's Redimension, the future of their Ellora imprint & more | Soundspace

Hush & Sleep on their debut for Joseph Capriati’s Redimension, the future of their Ellora imprint & more

Interview: Hush & Sleep

Dutch two-piece Hush & Sleep have appeared on imprints such as Kraftek, Etruria Beat and Respekt Recordings, and last month the pair made their debut with Joseph Capriati’s Redimension, a Napoli based label that has seen tracks from Klaudia Gawlas, Fur Coat and Shlomi Aber.

We caught up with Hush & Sleep to ask them all about the new Angeli E Demoni EP, what they have coming on their own Ellora imprint, which other labels we might find them on soon and what they hope to achieve before the year is out. Get the full discussion below.

You debuted on Joseph Capriati’s Redimension imprint last month, excited for the EP to finally come out?

Hey guys, yes we’re more than excited this EP is finally being released! It was a long road towards this release, Joseph has always been an inspiration of ours and finally seeing our music on his label feels amazing.

Tell us about the production, how did it come together in the studio?

Every summer we lock ourselves in the studio for a whole week and start producing together. Last year we made this whole release in just three days. We had enough inspiration and worked till early in the morning on a lot of tracks. At the end of the week we reflected all the tracks that were made and chose the right ones to send to Joseph!

And the track titles are pretty unique, is there a story behind that?

Well, it’s part of Hush & Sleep, we always strive for unique track names instead of the more common ones. When we make an EP we always choose a theme to produce music to. This time we took angels and demons as the theme. We chose demon names for the harder tracks and angel names for the softer ones to reflect both the heavy and light sides of our productions.

Are there any advantages or disadvantages to working as a duo? Do you ever clash creatively?

Haha that’s a tricky one. Well, we actually never clashed so far (knock on wood!). Of course sometimes you disagree with one anothers opinion, or a vision on a new track, but that keeps us sharp and we always try to come to an agreement. There are definitely advantages to working as a duo, we can share our thoughts and creativity together which makes our act stronger in our opinion. Also, it’s always more fun to travel the world with a friend than all by yourself.

Your own label Ellora has released tracks from Farrago, Joyhauser and Rudosa, who might we expect to see on there in the coming months?

In the upcoming months we will release music by new names in the scene. We want to introduce new great producers to our community. We’re also striving for a lot of our own productions to get released on Ellora, including some big names on remix duty!

And what other labels will Hush & Sleep be releasing with in 2020?

A lot of new productions are coming up in the next few months! We will first release a new vinyl on Ilario Alicante’s Virgo label with a stunning remix by the man himself. Later we will have a track on a massive VA on our friend Rudosa’s new imprint Moments In Time, which will also be on vinyl. For the other releases we can’t say much for now. But we promise they will be big!

On the topic of 2020, what goals do you have for the rest of this year?

Our biggest goals for 2020 are to release a lot of new music. To keep on bringing artists we love to our invites series at Complex in our hometown Maastricht. Reach new heights and experiment with the releases on our label Ellora. And most importantly, grow as artists and tour the world doing what we love to do best.

And what upcoming gig has you both madly excited?

Actually we just had one of our biggest gigs so far, Awakenings! It was very special for us and definitely a highlight in our career. Another big upcoming gig is in March at Rotterdam Rave, we will play the mainstage alongside Amelie Lens, Farrago b2b Airod and Kobosil. It will be a massive one for sure!

Hush & Sleep’s Angeli E Demoni EP is out now on Redimension.