Interview: Gary Beck talks new track release 'Famoo Funk' | Soundspace

Interview: Gary Beck talks new track release ‘Famoo Funk’

Glasgow born Gary Beck has become an iconic name in techno over the last few years, with his fresh and dynamic sound taking him on a tour across the world. Gary has released tracks on labels such as Soma Records, Cocoon and Drumcode, as well as establishing and releasing on his own imprint, BEK Audio.

Gary has released his latest single Famoo Funk on BEK Audio, and we got to talk to him about it.

Hey Gary! You’re touring quite a lot at the minute, how’s that going?

I’m still enjoying it as much as ever! The experience of meeting new people and seeing such beautiful countries will never get boring.

You recently released Famoo Funk on your own imprint BEK Audio, was there any inspiration behind this track?

I’ve always been inspired by Motown Soul and Funk music. I find the vocals from artists such as Ann Peebles & Aretha Franklin unbeatable. The texture and soul in those tracks really inspired me, so every so often I like to fuse it with my Techno. It’s so much fun to make, and to play.

Can you tell us a bit about your imprint BEK Audio and when it was established?

BEK was established in 2009 with a little help from my friend Tony Scott, who records under the name Edit Select. The initial focus was to release only my own productions, however this quickly changed after hearing such incredible demos from the likes of Mark Broom, who is a huge part of the label. We are now on number 29 and I’ve been fortunate to have names such as Floorplan, Slam, Ben Sims and many more. I’m not looking to release all the time, as I’m extremely selective of what music I release. It has to hit my soul. If 4-5 months pass without a release then so be it. I’ll only release music I’m 100% happy with.

You’ve played in iconic venues, such as fabric, and huge festivals, is there any one particular event from the past which really stands out to you?

My first experience of playing Berghain was pretty special. It was really early into my career and all of a sudden I found myself walking up to play in this huge moody temple. It was nerve racking and slightly Terrifying! It’s unlike any other venue in my opinion. Also, my first experience of playing the Gashouder for Awakenings was rather spectacular, if not breath taking.

Who has been your favourite artist to collaborate with?

I’ve been very lucky to collab with amazing artists over my career, such as Green Velvet, Slam, Speedy J and many others, however Mark Broom is one of the best, yet underrated producers out there in my opinion. He really knows how to make a tune.

What is your all-time favourite track?

That’s a question I find hard to answer,  there’s been so many incredible tracks throughout my life. I have favourite tracks in different genres but not one complete tune.

Can you tell us anything about your future releases or plans?

I have a couple of remixes coming out soon. I’ve mixed a Mark Broom track which will arrive on EPM during the Summer. I’ve also just completed something for Paco Osuna’s ‘Mindshake’ label.