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Interview: Frankyeffe

Interview: Frankyeffe

Italian DJ, producer and label owner Frankyeffe has made a lasting mark on the history of international techno music, releasing his music on labels like We Are The Brave, Intec and Senso Sounds.

His own imprint, Riot Recordings, has brought us a long list of club weapons, including tracks from Teenage Mutants, Rudosa, Dok & Martin and Linus Quick.

We spoke with Frankyeffe ahead of his recent return to Suara for his four-track Hear Me EP, where we discussed his thoughts on the Italian club scene, what advice he would give to aspiring producers and what’s the craziest things his fans have ever done.

It’s only April and you’ve already released music on Senso Sounds, JAM and your own Riot Recordings this year, how important is it for you to keep a high output?

To be a prolific DJ is very important to me. I like to keep things fresh by regularly putting out releases. I have another EP out soon on Suara and it won’t be long until more music comes after that!

On the topic of Riot, you’ve released tracks from Rudosa, Teenage Mutants and Linus Quick on there, can you tell us what’s to come?

Absolutely, I loved working with them all. We made some great music together. There are plans already in place to collaborate with Teenage Mutants again in 2020. I’m also looking to put out music from Superstrobe, Lowerzone, Bolster, Rebel Boy and Heerhorst. I’m really excited about it all, there will be a lot of music coming out on Riot this year.

Your own catalogue includes some top techno labels, like Intec and Noir for example, which imprints might be getting added to the list in 2020?

Like I say, I have an EP coming out on Suara soon. I’m also currently discussing some other big projects with top labels, but it’s too early to say anything just yet!

You’re Italian of course, how would you compare the club scene there to the rest of Europe?

Italy has a great techno scene but it’s important that it continues to be nurtured as I’ve seen clubs start to disappear in recent years. The atmosphere of an Italian club is truly unique, it’s something you won’t find anywhere else in the world. Obviously, clubs in places like Germany are incredible, but every scene has its defining features and it’s great to be able to experience all of that.

What’s the craziest thing a fan has done for you?

A guy in Italy once travelled 200 km just to get a vinyl record autographed. He had work the next day so he didn’t even stay to watch me play!

What’s one quick-tip for any aspiring techno producers?

Never stop working and don’t give up! You must be truly passionate about your output too. Being an artist shouldn’t be about chasing fame, you need substance and quality in your music.

Have you ever been starstruck? If so, by who?

I admire those whose fame has comes from hard work. Whether they’re a journalist, sports champion, historical figure or scientist, I’m fascinated by people who have a great reputation through being a true professional in their line of work.

Thanks a lot for taking some time to chat, before we go, what is your favourite non-dance track right now?

I’m a big fan of Zucchero. Since he released his last album, I’ve listened ‘Sarebbe questo il Mondo’ a lot. It’s a brilliant commentary on what’s happening in the world right now.

Frankyeffe’s Hear Me EP is out now on Suara.