Interview: Elian Dust | Soundspace

Interview: Elian Dust

Interview: Elian Dust

Austrian DJ and producer Elian Dust recently made his debut with German record label Seveneves for the release of his latest single Raw.

To mark the release, we ran an exclusive premiere for the tune, and also had him stop by for a brief chat about the release, finding success on Beatport in the past and what he has to come during the rest of 2019.

Hey Elian, how are things? Have you enjoyed 2019 so far?

Hello, yes this year was great so far. Many things are coming around and my day should have more than 24 hours. As you know I am a resident DJ and responsible for the events in one of the best places to make a party in the summer, Vienna City Beach Club. Also studio, family and friends, yes it’s quite busy at the moment.

Your new single with Seveneves, tell us about how you made it?

I released my first single Y’all on Seveneves. A very good friend Jil Tanner connected me to Patrick, the label owner and we had a great start for my debut single. After two EPs on Vagabond and Huambo which went straight to the Beatport top 100 genre chart and album chart, we were talking about a follow-up. Raw was almost ready to go. It was two days in the studio and I thought this would not be good enough to release but after sending that one to Patrick he was really happy about it and we kept it as it was: RAW!

And why did you decide this one should be a single instead of an EP?

Everyone is going to release EPs, including me of course but sometimes it’s just a track, one track. You don’t have to make an EP if you feel good with a single release and you make an additional radio edit and that’s it.

Has there been any talk of remixes for it?

No. I really like remixes and I would like to do remixes in the future for other releases on other labels but at the moment I like to focus on original mixes and establish my name with my style. Sometimes I get requests from other artists, they want to do remixes cause they like the bassline or melody or vocals.

You’ve also released with Huamba Records and Vagabond Records, which other labels might you be adding to the list in 2019?

Upcoming is Candyman and Call Saul on Juicy Music. I’ve known Robbie Rivera for a long time and we worked together years ago. As I told him about my new project and tracks we decided to do an EP in 2019. The Candyman EP is coming in April and another single on Huambas Ibiza Sampler in June. I am also working on a very nice vocal-track and a pumping tech house follow up for Oger is coming, but no preferred label at the moment.

And what do you have coming up as a DJ? Any exciting gigs in the pipeline?

Of course the Vienna City Beach Season is my highlight in 2019. No special ones but a nice trip around Europe especially Spain and Germany and Hungary hopeful for Balaton Sound, we are in touch with the Agency and everything should be fine. But my focus is studio work at the moment.

Thanks a lot for taking some time to chat, let’s close things out with your biggest inspiration?

If you can dream it you can make it. 2016 was my first time at Ants Ushuaia, in 2019 I played support in Vienna for Andrea Oliva and Francisco Allendes alongside Philipp Straub, a good friend of mine. My biggest inspiration is my daughter. Thank you, nice to meet you guys.