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Interview: DJ Counselling

Interview: DJ Counselling

The anonymous South Londoner DJ Counselling aims to strengthen his sonic arsenal with the addition of Just Her’s Constant Circles imprint, with a brand new download in ‘Lief’ and an EP to follow on the label next year.

We sat down with him to chat about the forthcoming release, as well as his return to SoSure Music in 2019, a few tunes he’s into at the moment and more. Find the full interview below.

Can you give us a brief introduction to yourself and your music?

I’m DJ Counselling, a music producer from South London. I try to make music that sounds different from the norm with a love of analog synths and hiphop sampling, I also have a cool dog, play the drums and I’m generally an alright bloke.

How is the scene in London right now and has it had an influence on your sound?

The scene is amazing if you know what you’re looking for, if you don’t it can be a bit swamped in central but there’s always cool things going on to dig out. There’s loads of activity in my area of South London and there’s a passionate growing scene especially with the growth of the new jazz movement that’s really getting people wanting to watch live musicians, I’m in a band and you can really see on the circuit that there’s a lot of fresh talent experimenting with sound and making some really cool projects.

Tell us about the free download, where did the idea come from and what was the process behind creating this track?

This track ‘Lief’ is quite a dark 4am kind of roller compared to my previous releases, I started the track with playing some live hats over the bass drum (which is also sampled from my kit) and I wanted it to sound quite loose, then the first rhodes chords that I liked set the tone for everything else, I really like the words in it “we are creating a moment” good one for all the ravers I think. Lief is an end of year gift as a thank you to all the support I’ve got over the past few months, I only started this project February 1st and I’ve also signed about 20 non DJ Counselling related tracks for film and TV licensing so I’ve had quite a prolific year.

This is part of your forthcoming release on Constant Circles, can you tell us a bit more about that release and how it came about?

Yes, label boss ‘Just Her’ has shown me a great deal of support since I released the track ‘Thursdays (Be There)’ with SoSure Music earlier this year, she has played my tunes in her sets ever since. I have two tracks that I’m really proud of coming out on Constant Circles early next year and I really can’t wait for people to hear them.

Do you have any other exciting projects coming up that we should know about?

I have another release planned with SoSure Music next year and also a track of mine called ‘Transcending’ is coming out early next year on a vinyl only release with a French label called Sure Cuts. I’m also sponsored by Sure deodorant.

Tell us your three favourite tracks right now?

Just recently heard a remix of  ‘Guy Gerber – What To Do’ by ‘&ME’ and it blew me away, actually everything ‘&ME’ is making I’m finding quite special.

Eddie Thoneick & Kurd Maverick – Lonely ft. Errol Reid is another amazing tune I’m feeling.

Tune I’ve been playing for quite a bit now is ‘Tibi Dabo – La Dorada’ I predict really big things for him, his production is incredible.