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Interview: Dale Howard

Dale Howard Interview

Dale Howard has become a huge hit in the house music scene since he topped the Beatport Deep House chart in 2009 with ‘Gotta Be Deep’. His unique productions display his talent and have brought him all over the world to play for eagerly awaiting fans. We caught up with Dale to ask him a few questions about his music and his recently established record label, Wreck<.

First off Dale, congratulations on the recent release of your new EP DVTN, how has the reaction been to it so far?

Thanks! The reaction has been great and I’ve also got a follow up out on Toolroom later this year too.

You released the EP on Toolroom and you’ve previously released music on various different labels, how do you decide where to release your music and what usually influences your decision?

I don’t really make music with a specific label in mind anymore. For me, It’s better to make music that I’m 100% happy with and have a think of some potential labels afterwards, rather than make something that is contrived to fit on a certain label. I’ve done it in the past and if it doesn’t get signed by the label you had in mind, you can be a situation where you’ve spent loads of time on tracks you weren’t even 100% sure on in the first place, that now may not fit on any other labels! Nightmare.

Talking of labels, you set up your own imprint in 2016 with the first release coming in late September, how has the first few months been for Wreck<?

Yea it’s been good. It was the right time for me to set one up and I’m really happy to have artists that I’m a big fan of on the label.

How involved are you in the day to day operations of the label, given your busy schedule?

It’s just me running the label, so I’m fully involved in every aspect of the day to day stuff; all the A&R etc. It was a bit difficult at first because I had to have the first 3 releases scheduled before I did anything, so it was a lot of work to start with.

What aims and objectives have you set for Wreck<?

I just wanted to create a platform for music that I love. There are so many artists that i’m a fan of and I felt it was the right time to set up a label to get them involved. I guess the long term aim for Wreck< is to become a renowned label for quality house music.

Outside of music, what do you do for fun?

I try to find a balance between CrossFit and getting absolutely hammered, but it’s pretty one sided at the moment for the latter. Aside from those, I really love cooking and food in general, so quite a lot of the time I’m doing something to do with that. I’ve recently started to learn to play the piano too; I’m basically having a fucking mid life crisis.

Finally, what are your plans for the remainder of 2017 and is there anything exciting you can tell us about?

Gig wise I’m in Ibiza this week, then it’s mainly gigs in Europe until I head out to the US for the first time, then I’m going back to Australia for my third tour over there. In terms of music, I’ve got stuff coming out on 8Bit, Toolroom, Elrow and of course my own Wreck< imprint.