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Interview: Chlär talks Wiring Our Emotions, moving to Berlin, and more

Interview: Chlär / Chlar

Swiss producer Chlär follows releases on Lobster Theremin, Voltage, Adroit, and Bipolar Disorder Records with his debut for Rudosa’s Moments In Time imprint, a label which has previously released music from Hioll, Selective Response, and SLV.

The now Berlin-based artist delivers three new originals to the label, with the 4th and final inclusion on his Wiring Our Emotions EP coming in the way of a great edit from rising techno star Hadone, who has also remixed works from Ellen Allien and Shlømo.

We welcome Chlär to Soundspace to ask him about the new tracks, how he rates Hadone’s version, what else he might have coming in the near future, and his thoughts on the Berlin club scene. Get the full discussion below.

Hey Chlär, it’s great to catch up – can you describe yourself in three words?

Hey guys, thanks for having me. Well, that’s a good question, let’s say; demanding, persevering, and eclectic.

You just debuted on Rudosa’s Moments In Time imprint with your new Wiring Our Emotions EP, tell us about the original tracks on this one?

I remember sending tracks to Oscar from Gijensu back then, someone who I really vibe with and who I exchange a lot with about work. He recommended that I send some to Rudosa for his label, which I did. Funny coincidence, Mark (Rudosa) already heard about my music and was keen to receive some demos from me!

And it includes a brilliant remix from Hadone, what was your reaction when that first came back?

Well, I know Hadone quite well, he rarely does remixes for smaller artists like me but I was really glad to see he trusted my sound and the project and said that he would do it with pleasure! And well, what can we say about his work? Always striking and brilliant, I’m very happy about his remix!

Previously you’ve also released music with Lobster Theremin, Voltage, and Bipolar Disorder Records, which other labels might we see added to that list in the near future?

For the remainder of this year there is another 4 vinyl releases to come, if the schedule stays in place. It’s been hard with COVID and record-pressing issues. I have nearly all of them coming out on UK labels and I would say that my adventure with Lobster Theremin (and their other labels) is far from being over.

And do you have a favourite label?

Not really, but I would say that Klockworks and all the old Hydraulix releases definitely influenced my sound a lot.

You grew up in Switzerland but now live in Berlin, was it a career focused move to relocate to the German capital?

Well, yes and no. I wasn’t supposed to move to Berlin until my father suggested that I study sound engineering and music instead of physics (my other big area of interest) back then. He knew that my true passion was music, so he showed me some schools in Berlin, and I just jumped at the opportunity! I realised that I could turn my dream into a real job, so moving to Berlin eventually became a career focused choice.

And what do you think makes the Berlin club scene so special?

It’s definitely one of the most important hotspots in the world for art and music. I think the city’s acknowledgement of how important culture is in a healthy society is really helpful (management of the COVID crisis being an exception maybe). The club scene has been very prominent in shaping the city’s recent history.

It’s also such an international place, I feel that it is somehow what makes people so open minded here. With the amount of artists the city has, you might think that it can be easy to be forgotten, but when you start connecting with people you realise everyone somehow knows everyone you do, or at least a friend of a friend.

What’s one of the most memorable moments you have of being in a Berlin club?

Hard to say, I have attended many great parties! But one that was great from A to Z was probably the Illian Tape showcase at Berghain.

Thanks a lot for answering our questions, before we go, which track from your EP should we listen to first?

I would say “Crying for Identity”, it’s the most banging track of the EP, and showcases both trancey and rave aspects.

Chlär’s Wiring Our Emotions EP is out now on Moments In Time.

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