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Ingrid & Nico Cabeza team up on Simina Grigoriu’s Kuukou Records

Ingrid & Nico Cabeza team up on Simina Grigoriu's Kuukou Records

Nico Cabeza and Ingrid are a pair of Italian artists who have been making waves over the last 12 months, and their new release on Simina Grigoriu’s Kuukou Records sees them collaborate on two new original cuts.

Both are known best for their solo work, but they have previously come together for a release on Miles From Mars, which presumably laid the foundations for this follow up.

Ingrid recently dropped an EP on Frankyeffe’s new label RXC and Nico Cabeza has previously showcased his style on Tronic, Terminal M and Say What?.

Their styles are already similar and coming together they deliver a hybrid sound that makes use of hypnotic vocal phrases and intense synth lines.

Want A Rave is the first of the two tracks, and I think its title is a phrase that most people have found themselves thinking during 2020’s many weekends of indoor lockdown.

Living up to its title, the eerie atmosphere and raw aggression of the groove do seductively beckon us towards the dance floor and only time will tell how long it is before clubs across the world can open again, but this is one track that we are very much looking forward to hearing on a super-sized sound system, so hopefully we won’t have to wait for too long.

Next up is Beirut 03 and this one is all about the twisted breakdown that makes use of a drop in tempo to warp the sounds before slamming the percussion back in. Its pulsating bassline and stabbing synth line also add a fast and furious energy to its groove to deliver a devastating force that maintains steady momentum for a strong finish.

Nico Cabeza and Ingrid’s Want A Rave EP is out now on Kuukou Records.