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In Review: Audio Technica ATH-M50X

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  • Accurate frequency response
  • Comfortable
  • Great noise resistance
  • Detachable cables


  • Some parts made of plastic
  • Minimal upgrades from previous model

Audio Technica are a technology company originating from Japan. They design and create professional wired and wireless headphones amongst a selection of other top quality tech.

Since its birth in 1962 the company have come on leaps and bounds, establishing themselves as one of the front runners when it comes to technology within the world of electronic music. Don’t just take my word for it, their awards cabinet speaks for itself.

Today we’ll be taking a look a the ATH-MX50 headphones. We’ve been using these a lot lately at Soundspace, exploring unique and diverse sound through this impressive piece of work.

Audio Technica’s M-series remains one of its most prestigious strings of releases. The ATH-M50X has received praise from the best audio engineers in the game, resulting in it becoming the Japanese company’s most critically acclaimed model.

And so the ATH-M50X takes centre stage.

The latest member of the M-Series family features the same sonic signature with an addition of detachable cables. Audio Technica boast of the “large aperture drives, sound isolating earcups and robust construction” that ensure the ATH-M50X provides an unrivalled exploration of sound.

Comfort has always been key to Audio Technica’s technology models. There’s nothing worse than getting to that favourite part of a DJ Tennis track and you feel like the insides of your ear are literally being scooped out. The ATH-M50X is no exception to the comfort of previous models. This means they can be a bit bulkier, but comfort comes first.

As for the sound, the ATH M50X maintains excellent bass reponse, giving you exactly what you need without overpowering on the mids and highs. The headphones may be intended for professional usage, but they are equally as great for casual listening. The emphasis on the mids and highs makes the ATH-MX50 perfect for modern music sound.

Overall the ATH-MX50 are comfortable, durable headphones with crystal sound, great noise resistance and spine tingling deep bass that promises not to burst an eardrum.