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In Focus 003: De La Swing / elrow

In Focus 003: De La Swing / elrow

Perhaps the most important label in Spain’s house scene, elrow music has been behind records from Max Chapman, Dale Howard, Mat.Joe, CamelPhat and UK veterans Rhythm Masters.

With decades behind them, the elrow brand will this year host parties in Milan, Barcelona, London and Ibiza, including events at Amnesia and DC10.

We got a chance to speak to longterm resident and label manager De La Swing as part of our In Focus series. Speaking about the launch of the label, hardships in the early days and what records made a difference, read on for the full interview.

De La Swing has also put together an exclusive mix of music from the elrow catalogue, grab the tracklist and mix stream below.

Let’s go back to the very first release on elrow Music, why did you decide starting a label was the right step?

The label was launched in 2012 to showcase the music of resident DJs and friends of the brand. Those days elrow wasn’t the big promoter that is now, it was just a local club with already amazing parties and a lot of potential but not the international brand that is today.

And what was the biggest struggle you faced in the beginning?

I think the big problem for any label is to sign recognised artists. If you are a small label, it’s hard to have music from an established artist. If you don’t release music of known people it’s not easy to have visibility. The first 4-5 years of the label the evolution was slow but solid. The last year and a half we started to release music from recognised artists and big things started to happen.

Was there a moment or a release when you thought ‘this is it’?

All the releases are special for us, we work hard in every single EP, but a few months ago we released a collab EP between CamelPhat and Mat.Joe, it was a game changer for us. We noticed the people started to see the label with a different angle, we started to receive the attention of big artists, more downloads and streams.

The internet and services like Spotify have allowed almost anyone to put out a release, do you think the ease of access is good for the industry or has it only filled the stores with mediocre music?

You can find a lot of mediocre music released when the digital market didn’t exist. It’s not a matter of the format, it’s about the taste. We try to find the balance between quality music and successful music. It’s magical when you have a track or release with both attributes but it doesn’t always happen. When the magic doesn’t happen we try to looking for the formula to have the best release as possible. For us, the key is to be constant and offer a quality product: sometimes bangers for the dance floor, sometimes timeless music but always good stuff.

What label continually impresses you besides your own?

I’m a big fan of Hot Creations. It’s a trendsetter label in matters of style of music, mastering, artwork, label parties. They have been releasing music 8 years and since the first release they have their own personality and sound, I think it’s a model for the rest of the music industry.

Tell us what’s next for elrow Music?

We are happy to have a lot of elrow friends releasing music on the label. For these remixes EPs we have names like Franky Rizardo, Nathan Barato, Miguel Bastida, Jesse Perez, Detlef and Chus and Ceballos. We have also remixes and original music from rising stars like Mele, Shaf Huse or Mason Maynard, established names like Technasia, ANOTR, Secondcity and some of the best current spanish artists like Andres Campo, Hector Couto, George Privatti and Guille Placencia. I think 2018 looks great.

De La Swing In Focus Tracklist:
01. Paul C, Vincenzo D’amico – Keep On
02. Guille Placencia, George Private – Whiskas
03. LondonGround – Franklin
04. De la Swing, Baum – Eina
05. David Aurel – Genie In The Bottle
06. Reelow – Fresh (Mendo Remix)
07. Max Chapman – Body Jack (Get My Swerve On) (Franky Ricardo Remix)
08. Caal , Baum – Downtown Beat (Nathan Barato DT4L Remix)
09. Escuche – Smooth Move
10. Proudly People – Flow Alone
11. Supernova – Hor Plates
12. Ki Creighton, Makanan – Trivial (Miguel Bastida Remix)
13. Flashmob – Riot In Brixton