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ID ID releases three-track ‘Real Time’ EP on Diynamic

ID ID releases 'Real Time' EP on Diynamic

The evolution of Brazil’s electronic music circuit in recent decades reveals the ability of its artists to adapt and innovate within an ever-changing sound spectrum. An example of this dynamic is Zim, who built his career in the early years as Truati, spent another 10 years in a duo format with Touchtalk, and is now pursuing a solo career with his ID ID project.

Over the course of his two-decade journey, the Brazilian artist has played at the main clubs and festivals in his country, released on several respected labels in the scene, entered several Beatport Top 10’s and, in recent years, attracted the attention of a very important name in this story, Solomun.

The connection between the two deserves a separate chapter. It deepens through a direct and significant interaction during the process of creating the ‘Real Time’ EP. This relationship began when Zim, exploring new musical horizons, sent his tracks to Solomun, triggering a series of creative exchanges.

The process of developing the EP, which began in August 2023, was a period of intense dedication to experimenting and perfecting everything that ID ID had built up over the years, culminating in the release by Diynamic. This creative journey shows a rich and continuous dialog, anchored in innovation and the notoriety that led Solomun to play three of the Brazilian’s songs in a single night.

‘Real Time’ is made up of three original tracks. The title track introduces a robotic world, punctuated by explosions and blaring brass, where the universe of indie dance intertwines and unfolds, with a seductive and provocative twist. ‘Mean Electro’ begins the journey with cyclical cymbals which open up to percussion balanced with elements of dense sonorities. ‘Crazy Times’ on the other hand, adds solidity, depth, and introspection to the EP. An enveloping mix is born from fluid textures, interrupted by a pause.

ID ID – Real Time EP is out now on Diynamic.

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