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House Music With Love support ‘War Child’ charity with new VA compilation

House Music With Love support 'War Child' charity with new VA compilation

In a world torn apart by conflict, House Music With Love and friends have embarked on a unique mission, to use the universal language of music to speak against war and stand in solidarity with its victims. This initiative goes beyond nations, flags, and borders – focusing on the shared human experience and the impact of decisions made by those in power.

It’s not about choosing sides but recognising the human toll of conflict worldwide. House Music With Love advocates for peace and compassion, emphasising that bloodshed knows no nationality. The plea is for the children, wives, husbands, and everyone affected by decisions beyond their control.

Every note, beat, and melody contributes to a cause greater than just music itself. House Music With Love stands firm in its commitment to support the War Child charity foundation, who have previously provided aid to vulnerable children in Iraq, Ukraine, Yemen, and Afghanistan.

Gathering exclusive, unreleased works, the album features new tracks from 15 talented artists who waive 100% of their royalties for the cause.

Artists involved in the project include Kon Faber, Think City & Inessa, Leonie Sky, Rïa Mehta, Unseen., Dan Bay, Urmet K, Raj El Rey, Lex Ludlow, St Ego, Jomoss, Melaniya, AELVA K, Mono & Kusten, Umannto, Afronova, Regndans, Menori, and LØC.

Buy ‘House Music For Peace And Love’ here.
Support the ‘War Child’ foundation here.

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