Holter & Mogyoro Brings 'All Our Mistakes' To Déepalma

Holter & Mogyoro Brings ‘All Our Mistakes’ To Déepalma


Holter & Mogyoro, Deepalma Records, Disco, Soundspace


Rating: 8.0


Renowned for pushing crunchy, funkadelic disco grooves, Déepalma Records return to us once again; this time with a neat Holter & Mogyoro single titled All Our Mistakes.

The 34th release in the Déepalma catalogue brings the usual soothing harmonies of Austrian two piece Holter & Mogyoro, pushing a wealth of warm chords, pitched vocals and a massive cloud of delay and reverb.

Fresh off the announcement of their Déepalma Ibiza 2015 album, the hype is big for the label. No doubt they look to build on it as they approach 40 label releases.

Get ‘Holter & Mogyoro – All Our Mistakes’ now on Déepalma Records.


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