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Himalia – Distances LP


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Rating: 9.0


Hailing from Lincoln, UK, the exclusive sounds of future garage and UK bass flowing from Himalia’s studio have continued to mesmerise. He now returns with his debut LP, together with Pegdoll Records the 8 track album will see him journey through electronica, bass, future garage and ambient downtempo.

With a number of collaborations and vocals present, the aesthetic of the album remains pure, while still bringing the listenable elements to keep things interesting. Titles include ‘So Long Ago’, ‘If’, ‘Thought So’, ‘Viewpoint’, ‘Kingdom’, ‘Drowning’, ‘Love Like A Drug’ and ‘Falling’. With ‘If’ and ‘Kingdom’ taking our picks, we are delighted to bring you streams.

‘If’ comes in second on the LP, with a topline from the amazing Laurelle. The glittery melody fits well above the snappy percussion and growling bass line, with a sense of that Burial influence present to keep things slightly on the darker side of the spectrum.

‘Kingdom’ is our favourite from the album, with vocals courtesy of Sakima, it starts off the second half of the player. The top line is much more in your face, with the natural talent of Sakima glowing through. The percussion is much the same as ‘If’, but with a slightly more skippy feel. This one screams out for British music, repping that dark and emotive trait that producers such as Burial and Synkro have came to master.

Get ‘Himalia – Distances LP’ via Pegdoll Records.


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