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Higgo on new single “Sleeping Alone”, and getting support from top DJs

Interview: Higgo

Since winning an official remix competition for Disclosure’s “Restless”, London-based producer Higgo has went on to see his music land on labels like Ultra Music and Four40 Records.

The latest offering to drop from the UK talent comes in the form of his new single, Sleeping Alone, which features vocal work from Poppy Baskcomb, and recently arrived on 21NHG, a new label from Relentless Records.

We spoke to him about the new track, how he came to link up with Poppy, what else he has coming soon, and how he feels about names like DJ EZ and Todd Edwards supporting his music. Get the full discussion below!

We recently saw you drop your new single, Sleeping Alone, what was the inspiration that brought the track together?

It was mostly luck! I’d made the instrumental as a bootleg of an old RnB tune, and it just so happened that Poppy was writing some very RnB-inspired stuff around the same time.

And it features vocals from Poppy Baskcomb, who has worked with Dimension, Alex Metric, and Bondax in the past, how did you come to work with her?

Her vocals landed in my inbox, I tried them out and they worked perfectly – a few tweaks and vocal chops later, the tune was finished!

The track comes on 21NHG, a new label from Relentless Records, how did you find working with those guys?

The whole team has been incredible! So supportive and passionate about bringing the music to the biggest audience possible.

In the past you’ve also released music on 3Beat, Four40 Records, and Ultra, do you look for anything particular in a label when you’re thinking of releasing with them?

The most important thing when working with a label is to ensure that the quality of the music they release is their main priority, whether that’s a small indie label or one of the majors. I’m still establishing myself as an artist, so it’s important that I really get a feel for which labels most closely share my vision of how my music is presented to the world.

And which other labels can we expect to see you on in the near future?

I’ve got new remixes dropping soon on Island Records, and Three Six Zero Recordings, so keep an eye out for those!

Is there a label out there that you hope to work with at some point in your career? A label bucket list, so to speak.

It’s still early days for me in the music industry, but I’d love to release with Defected at some point. They’ve got so many classics in their catalogue, I feel like that would be a real milestone for me.

You’ve seen a lot of strong support on your music so far, from Disclosure and DJ EZ, to DJ Q and Todd Edwards, it must be a great feeling to have big names highlight your work?

Definitely! It’s completely surreal to hear these names bigging up my work after listening to them for so long, if you went back a few years and told me these lot would be playing and supporting my music now I wouldn’t have believed you.

The past year has been pretty hectic for everyone, though there are some small positives to take away from hardship, what’s one lesson you learned through the different periods of lockdown?

Managing your time and staying active is really key to maintaining your mental well-being, at least for me anyway. Working from home sounds like a laugh at first, but it turns out sitting in the same chair for months and never going outside isn’t very good for you!

And what was one of the first things you done when restrictions eased up a little?

Met my mates down the local and necked a Stella, gotta be done!

Higgo – Sleeping Alone is out now on 21NHG.

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