Heads & Tails INC drop a thumping techno EP on UNER's Solar Distance | Soundspace

Heads & Tails INC drop a thumping techno EP on UNER’s Solar Distance

UNER’s Solar Distance has been a regular source of new talent with its roster often featuring tracks from artists just breaking into the music industry.

The latest release from Heads & Tails INC is one such example of UNER helping people whose music deserves attention, and in doing so shows us a harder side to his taste not previously heard on Solar Distance.

Starting off deep and atmospheric, the first track although abstract fits with the label’s usual deep and melodic style, but the second two tracks are both much harder than what fans of the label might expect.

Polar Vortex has percussion a little heavier than normal with synths that although melodic, have more atmospheric texture than emotion, but it’s the final cut Borealis that really defines the release.

Borealis has a style that you might usually expect to find on a label such as Drumcode. With industrial sounds and a looped groove, its raised tempo and churning hypnotics are a fine example of the techno played by many of the genres best-known DJ’s. Apparently, it’s already picked up support by many of those people ranging from Luigi Madonna to Arjun Vagale.

Heads & Tails INC’s Arctica EP is out now.