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Interview: Harvey McKay talks return to Bedrock Records

Harvey McKay’s sound is the epitome of driven, soulful techno, with his energetic and experimental tracks making it onto labels such as Drumcode and Soma Records.

After taking a 3 year gap from releases on John Digweed’s label, Bedrock Records, Harvey is back, with ‘Virus’ heading the tracklist. His EP combines kick drums with a fast BPM and a heavy bass whilst encapsulating the raw energy of his previous tracks and implementing new elements to generate a dynamic and fresh energy.

Hey Harvey! Nice to chat with you, how’s life at the moment?

Pretty good just busy touring and working on music all the time. Loads of new sounds on the go in the studio.

Can you tell us a little bit about how DJing started for you, what sparked your interest in playing and producing music?

Started DJing back in the acid house days when it all kicked off, met some older kids who were going to raves, I was too but I got into DJ’ing bigtime pretty sharpish, that’s where it all began really.

Do you think growing up in Glasgow helped flourish your interest and career in techno, as the underground scene in Glasgow is particularly vast?

Without a doubt it had its benefits, it was really buzzing when it all kicked off all that time ago in the acid house rave days. And it still is today with guys like Slam putting on solid stable nights in Glasgow for as long as I can remember, and they were responsible for breaking a lot of Glasgow producers as well, it’s a fantastic city.

Can you tell us a bit about what to expect from your latest three track collection, does it differ to anything you’ve produced before?

Very much so it’s a more old skool sound, not really the housey techno I am known for, I am gradually moving away from that into the tougher sounds.

You had featured on ‘Bedrock Records’ prior to this, then took a three year gap between that track and your latest one, what did you get up to during this break, any big releases of note and why so long to return?

It’s just one of these things I happened to be playing a night with John and he mentioned why are you not sending me any tracks over let’s do something, so I did and this is the result.

I have loads of music out since then that’s done really well and have been to some amazing places it’s hard to begin to describe what happened in between there’s been so much.

Is there any inspiration behind the tracks on the ‘Virus’ EP?

In a nutshell, just that old skool techno vinyl sound really.

Do you have any other track releases coming out in the future you can tell us about?

Lots on the go but nothing I can mention at the moment unfortunately. But sitting on some of the best music I think I have ever done. So watch out!