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Fresh Picks: Vinicius Honorio

Fresh Picks: Vinicius Honorio

Rio de Janeiro native Vinicius Honorio is no longer a stranger to any self-respecting techno fan. The now London based DJ and producer has served up music on Elevate, Suara, Cr2 and Drumcode among other labels. Now as news circulates of Vinicius Honorio launching his very own imprint – Liberta – we got the Brazilian to share his Fresh Picks from February 2018’s releases.

Callum Plant – Faire
Label: Orbeatal
Release: 1st February 2018

Callum has got this somewhat dark and driving style in his tracks. I’ve been playing his tracks for a while and this is one of my favorites. The snipped vocal build up is a killer with a wicked momentum when it drops.  This one always grabs the attention from the crowd.

Petter B – Autonomous Overdrive
Label: Odd Recordings
Release: 2nd February 2018

In my opinion, Petter captured the deepest, darkest after-hours feelings with this track, that moment when you just want to roll it out in your set. It brings raw and sweaty dark club ready, mind-warping vibes to the table. I’m really digging the synth progression and percussion that evolve throughout the track, giving way to a twisted and intense journey.

Sinisa Tamamovic – Materials
Label: Elevate
Release: 9th February 2018

I fell in love with this track straight away after listening to the promo. It brings such a great atmosphere when you play it at the club. It has that happy vibe and it’s that peak time track that you know is going to work without fail and everyone goes nuts.

Flug – Kontrol
Label: JAM
Release: 12th February 2018

Another constant figure in my playlist is Flug’s release that came out on Sam Paganini’s new label JAM. It’s straight up quality. I absolutely love that huge build up and explosive drop in this track, it works incredibly well to take the set into a trippier vibe without losing any energy.

Wrong Assessment – Arctor
Label: Planet Rhythm
Release: 12th February 2018

Wrong Assessment’s music really has that analog warmth. This is one of those tracks where he goes more percussive and it works beautifully anywhere I’ve played it. It’s forever evolving and inviting you to lose control, while it wraps around you. The groove in this track really lights up the dancefloor.

JSPR – Turnpike
Label: Orange Recordings
Release: 16th February 2018

Turnpike has become one of the highlights of my sets. I’ve heard this track some time ago and wondered whom this was produced by. JSPR is a great guy and I really like his productions, that siren-like synth theme is as ravey as it gets. This one is huge!

Wehbba – Framework
Label: Drumcode
Release: 19th February 2018

Wehbba and I have been good friends for over 10 years. I’ve been a huge fan of his music and his tracks are an integral part of my sets. I’m very happy that he’s got his EP on Drumcode, which to me is one of the greatest techno labels of all time. Great tracks like this one don’t come along so often. This one will be staying in for a while.

Tiger Stripes & Riva Starr – Sound of the Bettest
Label: Truesoul
Release: 26th February 2018

As I come from a drum&bass background, this track has just the right vibe. It’s groovy and dark at the same time, a great track where the weird synth and jungle vocals really come out to play. This one finds its way into every set of mine; it’s one of those wildcard tracks that seem to work in any situation.

Vinicius Honorio’s Liberta imprint will launch March 26th with his own ‘Dying Of The Light’ EP. Pre-order it HERE.

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