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Fresh Picks: Thomas Evans

Fresh Picks: Thomas Evans

Following releases with Phobiq and Funk’n Deep, and remixes for names like Hollen and Frankyeffe, Paris born DJ and producer Thomas Evans snatched at the chance to put out original music with Alan Fitzpatrick’s We Are The Brave imprint.

No doubt setting a new standard of expectation around his music, the Frenchman delivers his Because I’m EP, a three piece techno offering which includes titles Because I’m, Mind And Soul and Believe.

As well as running a premiere for the Because I’m title track, we got Thomas to list off his Fresh Picks from May’s releases. Featuring tracks from UMEK, Frankyeffe, Arjun Vagale and more, his chart brings some serious techno.

Arjun Vagale – Hard Pop
Label: Odd Recordings
Release: 11th May 2018

Arjun has managed to assemble everything we could expect to hear from the 90’s in this track. The combination of voice samples, the melodic stabs, the acid bass and the break beat part is, in my opinion, the perfect match. Nothing superfluous, all with efficiency. This is the kind of track that you can be sure to take your set to the next level.

Rustek – Celestial
Label: Kraftek
Release: 11th May 2018

What a melody! Certainly, a lot of work on the lead in this track. The atmosphere could easily take the crowd on a journey through music. I don’t yet know whether I feel this is a happy or sad track, but maybe that’s why I love it. A lot of melancholy emerges in this one, and I feel that’s always needed in some part of my sets.

Simone Tavazzi – Get Out
Label: Respekt Recordings
Release: 25th May 2018

Simone’s classic piano is the central part of this track, but this is not what drew my attention to it, the first time I heard it. It was the synth notes which I noticed first, and I feel that they give life to the whole production. When the synths are combined with the other in the break section, you feel relaxed until the powerful snare roll talks to you! Then, its hand in the air time.

The Reactivitz, Atroxx – Secret Weapon
Label: Phobiq
Release: 11th May 2018

I am a huge fan of pads, and the guys did a top job with theirs on this track. The break part in this track will provide some epic moments on the dancefloor! There is also a strong kick present throughout in a lot of the Reactivitz tracks which I love.

UMEK – Percussionix (Mix 1)
Label: Intec
Release: 4th May 2018

I am sure once you listen to this track the 8 beats bass loop will have you hypnotized! Playing with filters on this, UMEK creates that dark vibe we love to have at any party, whilst keeping it slightly groovy. A lot of detail in this track, have you noticed the discrete down pitched synth on the second drop?

Frankyeffe – Fire
Label: We Are The Brave
Release: 4th May 2018

I love this track from Frankyeffe, it has an amazing melody. Perfect intro with the bass stabs which lay the track foundations. The voice pad maintaining pressure throughout the track is a nice touch. The upper octave from the drop is the key in this one though, this is certainly a moment for the CO2 canister, no?