Fresh Picks: Pig&Dan | Soundspace

Fresh Picks: Pig&Dan

Fresh Picks: Pig&Dan | Soundspace

Soma, Bedrock, Tronic, Drumcode, you would be stuck in thought trying to come up with a top shelf techno label that Spain’s Pig&Dan haven’t released with.

The ELEVATE bosses are chasing an ever minimal list of to-do’s in the music industry. We caught up with the pair to get their Fresh Picks from last month, with original music from themselves in ‘La Bruja’ to brand new ELEVATE stuff from John Arial, get the full list below.

Patrice Baumel – Sorcery
Label: Kompakt
Release: 14th August

Patrice is a super producer who we have had our eye on for a while, not just because of the quality of music he delivers, but also his versatility. This is one of those tracks where he goes more percussive and it works beautifully. When that sub bass comes in, after a couple of minutes it destroys the dancefloor.

Pig&Dan – La Bruja
Label: Drumcode
Release: 28th August

One of our own tracks we released in August is ‘La Bruja’ which means ‘The Witch’. This one really shows our true colors in that it has all the elements we try to project as producers and DJ’s. It’s got the backbone that’s deep and dirty but embraces a lot of euphoric melody and builds constantly. It’s been featured on the Drumcode A-Sides compilation with a heap of other awesome tracks.

John Arial – Nivela
Release: 11th August

John Arial is a new addition to our label ELEVATE, and shows another side to our labels sound all together. John really has a warmth that’s unparalleled and his stunning intricate attention to detail glides throughout this stunning melodic track. Its forever evolving and inviting you to lose control, while he wraps his soundscapes around you.

Ramiro Lopez & Andres Campo – Pachamama
Label: Odd Recordings
Release: 25th August

It took us a couple of listens of this track before we decided we liked it! To be honest it does sounds much better at the club. When you play it, it’s that peak time track that you know is going to work without fail and everyone really does goes nuts.

Mitch De Klein – Raptor
Release: 25th August

Mitch spills out a somewhat Richie Hawtin style dark driving force in his track Raptor. It has an edge that’s sharp yet rounded in a more analog way, the main part is always encouraging you to get twisted around its dynamic thrust but with a wicked momentum and rhythmic chug. We love dropping this one out on the field and it always grabs the attention to those who are subjected to it.

SHADED – Sip Trip
Label: Senso Sounds
Release: 11th August

We selected this track from SHADED because it’s groovy and dark at the same time, which is something not all tracks can accomplish. It’s a great track for the middle of the night, where those weird synths and trippy voices really come out to play. We love this one – definitely takes you somewhere else!