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Fresh Picks: Flashmob

Fresh Picks: Flashmob

Alessandro Magani, known to most as Flashmob, has achieved more in the past few years than most musicians will only aspire to. He has released on Get Physical, Defected and Kompakt. Remixed Pet Shop Boys, Luna City Express and Nicky Romero. Built tens of millions of plays on his tracks and been the Essential New tune on Pete Tong’s Radio 1 show. Yet on top of all this the Milan native runs three labels at once, Flashmob Records, Flashmob LTD and MCGroove Records.

So who more fitting to deliver his Fresh Picks from January’s release schedule? Alessandro lists music from Riva Starr, Tian Karl, Wade, Luca Bisori, Axel Haube, Bollen & Fichten and himself. Read on for Flashmob’s Fresh Picks.

Riva Starr – Eurovoodoo
Label: Crosstown Rebels
Release: 19/01/2018

I always keep an eye on what Stef does because he’s a free spirit in music and a pioneer in my opinion. I used to follow him back in the days when he was doing break beat as Maddox and even then I thought very highly of him. This one takes me back to Uni when I use to play the bongos with a bunch of African students that were really really good at it. The percussive loop is transcendent and if I close my eyes I feel as if am sitting around a fire in Africa in a warm summer evening. Great job!

Tian Karl – Mercury
Label: Underground Audio
Release: 12/01/2018

I’ve been following Underground Audio even before I joined the gang and this has the perfect feeling of a re-interpretation of the old school Detroit-ish vibe for me. I see myself spinning this in an early festival set and/or as a transition track in a very late morning set. Not surprised this label is now in the RA top 20 labels.

Wade .- RAVEolution
Label: Sola
Release: 12/01/2018

I’ve been following Solardo since their first steps and I’m happy they’re doing so well. Sola is, in my opinion, one of the labels that represents the scene’s current tendencies quite well and this record does exactly that. Specially the break, it works amazing on the dance floor. I’m also releasing on Sola before the summer so keep an eye and ear out!

Luca Bisori – Now We Got It Going On
Label: Ocean Trax
Release: 05/01/2018

This is one of those labels I remember from when I was a boy. It’s great to see they are mixing it up again. This is a great tool for a house music summer set. The break is executed in a perfect way for me because it really has the house mood build up and current summery drums. I’m guessing the lady’s won’t resist this one.

Axel Haube – Nekonata (Bollen & Fichten Remix)
Label: Mcgroove Records
Release: 26/01/2018

This reaches the other side of my taste but this feature is about the best fresh productions in January so I really could not leave this one out. I find this to be a top production and the totally Belgium lot here: Axel Haube and Bollen & Fichtner are really top notch. I still do some stuff on MCGroove myself as Egostereo if you wanna listen but more on the melodic techno side. Well done lads!

Flashmob – Drop The Bass
Label: Flashmob Records
Release: 19/01/2018

This record represents a new beginning for me, along with my recent debut EP on Snatch! Records. Previously, I’ve not been releasing on that much my own label, but​ now I’m in a completely different mood and production modality, so I’m happy to see it do so well and I will release more and more records as Flashmob. My re-visitation of a mixture of house and current tech house is really what I enjoy doing these days and I must say it works terribly well on the dance floor.

Terranova Ft. Flashmob – Cosmochord is out now on Kompakt, grab it HERE