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Fresh Picks: Braxton

Fresh Picks: Braxton

British DJ & producer Braxton has been one of our favourite UK producers for a couple of years now, and you don’t need too long with his previous releases to figure out why.

Since around the same time that covid introduced itself to the world, Braxton has remixed Above & Beyond, collaborated with Jody Wisternoff and James Grant, and released a ton of great music on labels like Anjunadeep and Colorize.

His most recent offering also comes via the London-based house and progressive powerhouse Anjunadeep, a 2-tracker titled The Truth / The Fall – which features a collaboration with Warung.

The Brighton-based artist also joins us for our latest Fresh Picks, where we see him highlight new music from artists such as George FitzGerald, Sasha, Avalon Emerson, and Overmono.

Get the full list – including words from Braxton himself – below.

George FitzGerald ft. SYML – Mother (George FitzGerald Remix)
Label: Double Six Records
Release: July 20th

“George FitzGerald’s output is ridiculous and it’s always super high quality. I love the fact he does remixes like this, it feels like there were two versions of the track in his head and he just decided to make them both. This remix reminds me of mid 2010’s George FitzGerald, like something he would play in room two at WHP in 2013. So deep, so moody, so George.”

Whitesquare – Liquid Sky
Label: Higher Ground
Release: August 4th

“Full on summer vibes from Whitesquare. 4/4 breakbeats never miss, and when they’re combined with a super catchy hook like this, it’s hard to say no. I’ve had ‘Liquid Sky’ on at home a lot, so I’m pretty sure my neighbours love it and I’m expecting it to get a lot of spins out and about over the next few months, too.”

Nicky Elisabeth – Dusk
Label: Anjunadeep
Release: July 21st

“This has been one of my tracks of the summer. I heard it a bunch at Anjunadeep Explorations and obsessed over it, I’ve got half a dozen voice memos from different shows where I’ve recorded it into my phone. The way it builds and develops is so cool, everything just subtly creeps into place, it’s all so infectious. It’s basically a perfect tune and I wish it was 10 minutes long.”

Sasha & Because Of Art – Fused
Label: Last Night On Earth
Release: July 28th

“Sasha is my absolute all-time hero. He’s always been pushing things forwards and evolving his sound and he’s pretty much the reason I got into making music. He’s the king of building grooves and keeping things interesting and seeing him collaborate with up and coming producers like Because Of Art is super inspiring. ‘Fused’ is a dancefloor filler full of meaty basslines, piano breakdowns, acid riffs, and breakbeats. What’s not to like?”

Nathan Micay – Fangs (Avalon Emerson’s Re-Chip Remix)
Release: July 27th

“I’ve been fangirling over Nathan Micay since he put out those Bwana tracks on Aus. And the soundtrack he did for Industry is excellent, too. This remix is absolutely massive and sounds even bigger on huge systems. I love the breaky, tribal percussion, it really reminds me of old 90’s progressive. I would love to hear more collaborations between these two.”

Joy Orbison & Overmono & Kwengface – Freedom 2
Label: Kwengface LTD
Release: July 27th

“Joy Overmono can do no wrong – and this tune slaps. I doubt I’ll get to play it out anytime soon, but I can’t wait to hear ‘Freedom 2’ on a massive system. When that bass drops, it’s ruthless. I love tunes that sound so 100% British, there’s something about music like this that can’t be replicated anywhere else in the world. And with AI and ghost writers and all this faux music production nonsense knocking around, it’s great to hear music that sounds totally real.”

Braxton – The Truth / The Fall is out now on Anjunadeep.

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