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Fresh Picks: BEC

Fresh Picks: BEC

British born club talent BEC has been on the rise since her debut in 2016 on Pan-Pot’s Second State Audio. She has since toured with the pair across Europe and Asia and kicked off her very own events series – Curio.

As she prepares for ADE and an upcoming EP on Second State, we got her in to share her fresh picks from September’s release schedule, listing new tunes from Flug, Hans Bouffmyhre and Marco Bailey it’s a sideburn trimming techno playlist.

Marco Bailey – Hasai
Label: Materia
Release: 22nd September

Marco Bailey is headlining the very first edition of my concept night Curio at Club Vaag in Antwerp on the 6th October. I’m super happy to have him as I find his productions never disappoint me. His brand new track Hasai, which is taken from his forthcoming album, is a beast!

Oliver Deutschmann – Fokus (Flug Rebfokus)
Label: Voight
Release: 8th September

The combination of both Oliver Deutschmann and Flug here I really love. A steady peak time track for the dance floor, I find it works well mixed in combined with other tracks too, and the spoken word “Fokus” does tend to bring the attention back in to the music!

Gregor Tresher – Goliath (Emmanuel Remix)
Label: Bedrock Records
Release: 25th September

The original “Goliath” by Gregor Tresher came out just before the first time I closed the club floor in Watergate, Berlin. Its one of my all time favourite tracks, and when I played it during that set, it still remains one of my favourite DJ moments. So to see it remixed by Emmanuel, who I also love as an artist, is great!

Wex 10 – Reset
Label: Elementra
Release: 14th September

I love to discover new artists, that are unknown. I found this track from Wex 10 when it was released on my friend Fraziers new label, Elementra Records. The booming kick is driven by clusters of sharp claps, fierce percussive rolls and rides to build energy whilst the main synth is progressing. It’s a very simple track and I love how the break just suddenly drops all the percussion for a few seconds before rising again! I played it at Sisyphos earlier in September and it really went off.

Spec X – You Are Not Alone
Label: Infamous Tracks
Release: 28th September

Again Spec X is a relatively unknown producer. I discovered him as he is part of the Lehmann club in Stuttgart, which I have played at a few times. This is the sort of track I’d play near the end of a set. The track is featured around a heavy, very distinct and unique sounding arpeggiated synth. The whispered vocal “you are not alone” I find leaves quite an eerie but resounding feeling amongst the dance floor.

Robert S (PT) – Voltagem (Hans Bouffmyhre Remix)
Label: trau-ma
Release: 4th September

I love the call and response between the two main synths in this track. Its very uplifting and the clever delay between the synths create an enormous build of energy. I admire all of Hans Bouffmyhre’s productions and I’m always watching his label Sleaze closely to find new tracks.

Catch BEC at Second State’s ADE party next week.