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Fresh Picks: Avision

Fresh Picks: Avision

Coming out of a city which has a clubbing history that leans heavily towards house music, New York local Avision has devoted his time and effort to the sounds of techno.

Releases for Alan Fitzpatrick’s We Are The Brave, Pan-Pot’s Second State and Carl Cox’ Intec have seen him make an internationally noticed mark on the genre.

The American is responsible for this month’s Fresh Picks, where he selects cuts from Matrixxman, Robert Hood, Truncate, Gary Beck and more. Grab his full list below.

Robert Hood – Reflector
Label: M-Plant
Release date: March 20th

The Detroit legend never seems to fail when it comes to proper techno. He is a huge inspiration for me, and when it comes to Robert I love all of the music he releases. Reflector is so simple, yet so effective in a set. Its big room sound sets a perfect vibe, and journey for the dance floor. The synth he used to build his chords works so well, as it’s not over bearing or repetitive. I think that’s one reason why his sound is so special because he never overuses his parts. If you haven’t heard this record from Robert Hood yet, be sure to get your copy now.

Erol Alkan – Spectrum (Matrixxman Highway Remix)
Label: Phantasy Sound
Release date: March 8th

My buddy Matrixxman killed this remix! He tastefully used these parts from Erol Alkan as he gave it a nice techno vibe, but didn’t over use the main elements. The synth line is super catchy and I love the back synth work he added to it. I think what makes this remix so interesting is the structure and how he brings in certain parts to create such an edgy, raw, and dynamic record. I’m always up for some Matrixxman in my sets, and I love rockin this one.

Truncate – Machine Jack, V1
Label: Truncate
Release date: March 4th

I mean it doesn’t get much better than a Truncate record. I would say 99% of the time, Truncate comes through with a bomb record every release. I’ve been a fan of his for a long time now, and it’s been amazing to get to know him the last 2 years. Machine Jack, V1 is straight up raw and in your face. I love the way he comes in on the off beats with his modular synth. His records are done so well yet, simple, and effective. He never forgets the little details as a producer to make the record always top notch. Truncate is a true LA techno legend and it’s always exciting to play one of his records.

Planetary Assault Systems- Give It Up
Label: Mote Evolver
Release date: March 1st

Groovy, Trippy, and straight up nasty. This track is such a bomb! The 909 toms come in with an amazing groove, with his shakers and hats complimenting to create an amazing groove. I think what makes this record so trippy is the vocal sampling he did with Give It Up, he keeps teasing the vocal with a delay to create this consistent trippy loop. He rises the record with this back noisy synth that draws tension to the record and really builds the journey. I love playing this track peak hour to set the floor off, it’s an amazing tool to use.

SRVD – Brotha
Label: Rekids
Release date: March 8th

Lovin this groover from SRVD on Rekids. I really love what Rekids has been putting out, it’s a perfect blend of raw house, and techno. In my opinion it is exactly what the dancefloor needs. Brotha from SRVD has a really nice groove with dope synth chords that carry the record through. I love the big diva vocals as it reminds me of a classic NYC underground record. I’ve been playing this one for the past month and it never disappoints the dancefloor.

Gary Beck – Potion Fear
Label: BEK Audio
Release date: March 18th

I’ve been following Gary’s music since 2010 and it’s been amazing to listen to him over the years. Potion Fear is a hard grooving techno banger that is meant for peak hour. He always made such big room techno, and it’s always fun playing his music. Potion Fear has some really cool parts throughout the record. One thing I always love that Gary brings out in his sound is a cool vocal clip that he warps and makes his own. I love all the looping synths that he has come in and out throughout the whole track. It gives such an energy for the crowd and creates a hands up type of vibe. Be sure to check this one out if you haven’t done so already. Bomb!

Avision’s Work It Out EP is out now on EI8HT Records.