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Fresh Picks: ANII

Fresh Picks: ANII

This month’s Fresh Picks delivers an amalgamation of house, progressive, and EDM as ANII serves up a spread of energetic club tracks from names like Goom Gum, Soel, and Chris Avantgarde.

The Polish DJ, producer, and label boss has previously put her own music out on labels like Renaissance Records, Last Night On Earth, and Afterlife – and her picks also includes two of her recent releases.

Get the full list – including words from ANII herself – below.

Label: AETERNA Records
Release: February 9th

“I got this track as a promo a while back and I played it out a lot since. It has such a great vibe. I come from a UK garage background so having this kind of vocal is perfect for me, and I’m happy that it’s almost coming back a bit. The general vibe and groove of the track is super energetic and it’s powerful on the dancefloor. It’s going to be in my playlist for a long time.”

Soel – Leave No Trace
Label: Simulate Recordings
Release: January 19th

“Support here for my friend Massano and his label Simulate. This track has been a favourite of mine for a while. It has a special top line bass and the break is so clever. Full support from me! I played this in my sets before 2023 actually, and I’m still playing it now.”

ANII – Always With You
Label: Too Good To Die
Release: February 15th

“So this is one of my latest singles released on my label. It’s a rolling main room track with a beautiful vocal drop and a big build. I have been playing it in my sets for about six months now, and everyone loved it at a recent show in Bali, it’s a great feeling when it’s your own music. The vocal has a hidden meaning behind it too, but that will remain a secret!”

Depeche Mode – Before We Drown (Chris Avantgarde Remix)
Label: Columbia
Release: February 9th

“Another amazing track, that’s why it’s made my shortlist. A remix from Chris Avantgarde of a classic Depeche Mode track. Chris is making some really great music right now, and this has a dark vibe with a bit of rock and roll. Amazing as a closing track.”

ANII – Heat
Label: Errorr
Release: February 2nd

“A track of mine that I’m really proud of, it has a very different beat from some of the other things I’ve produced, lots of drums, and I love the vocal. I have been playing it proudly for months and it brings a lot of good energy to my sets. It reminds me of dancing in the jungle, in the heat of the sun, with no worries in my head.”

Goom Gum – C’mon
Label: Kinetika
Release: February 16th

“Goom Gum blew up so fast, and it’s because they always deliver such good tracks. This one of my favourites and I like to use this in the middle of my sets as it has such an energetic groove. I have always loved their use of kick drums and basslines. You can really get lost in this hypnotic yet driving tune.”

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