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Four Tet asks for help from London to create a ‘UK Berghain’

news piece (trocadero edit)

London’s clubbing ecosystem is in distress. Throughout the city beloved clubs and venues are dropping like flies, which as lead to anxious questions being asked about the future of clubbing in London.

But, alas, a solution is always inspired in the shade of oppression, and Four Tet believes he has the answer to London’s dire situation.

The London bred artist took to Twitter to announce the genius concept; transform Trocadero, located in the capitals city centre, into a UK mirror image of the iconic Berlin venue Berghain. The venue has been left derelict in recent years, but history shows us it as London’s premier location.

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Four Tet, real name Kieran Hebdan, posted a series of tweets stating “I want to buy the Trocadero and turn it into the London equivalent of Berghain. If you have nuff money and want to help please get in touch.” The producer went on to comment on the sound that a location like Trocadero could produce. He explained it “would be like Berghain in terms of sound and hours but I’d let anyone in and you could bubble to UKG or play jazz or whatever… London vibe.”

As mentioned in one of the tweets, Four Tet will not be able to fund this project all by himself. Trocadero’s website states that it is “undergoing some exciting changes”, but who knows? Maybe a Kickstarter campaign may turn the wheels in motion.

In the mean time, Four Tet has started the #helpfourtetbuythetrocaderoandturnitintoaclub trend. London unite.

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