PREMIERE: Felix Leifur - The Sunday Club | Soundspace

PREMIERE: Felix Leifur – The Sunday Club

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Reykjavik, Iceland is known for it’s beautiful landscapes and tranquil surroundings, it’s a tourist haven for peace and quiet, and it’s about to become known for one more thing; Felix Leifur.

The newcomer has impressed non other than Dirt Crew Recordings, who have went and put Felix on a 5-track release split between four vinyl pressed house jams and one digital only in ‘Wait’.

We have all five cuts on display, with an exclusive full stream of title track ‘The Sunday Club’, it’s a sensual blend of chunky percussion, sparkling melodies and gentle claps, a fitting example of what Dirt Crew stands for.

“Felix Leifur’s diverse ear and distinct style gives ‘The Sunday Club’ EP the perfect blend of breezy summertime spirit and serious night club heat.”

You can get the EP on vinyl now.

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