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Fabric follow in the footsteps of Berlin to help refugees

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Fabric Nightclub have joined the nightclub revolution in aid of refugees, even in the wake of London’s declining club culture.

The iconic venue will offer the chance for club goers to donate £1 advance tickets to UK based charities.

It emerged earlier in the month that over 80 of Berlin’s clubs embarked on the concept called Plus 1, and it seems Fabric have taken note. Help Refugees, CalAid and Refugee Action are part of the campaign.

The club had this to say in a statement posted on their website.

“Watching the recent plight of the men, women, children and the families stranded at the refugee camps in northern France as their situation unfolded has been harrowing and disturbing. Of course, we’d like to wholeheartedly encourage everyone to give what they can in terms of charitable donations but we also wanted to find other ways that we could help. Starting today there’ll be an optional £1 donation on every advance ticket purchased for our club nights.”

Berlin has already managed to raise thousands of Euros in aid of refugees; Fabric will hope other UK based clubs will follow in the footsteps of themselves and the German capital.

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