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Explore Ableton Live 10.1’s New Features and Updates with Point Blank

With Ableton’s latest update on the horizon, Point Blank spent some time investigating what’s new in Live 10.1. The new update has some incredible features on offer that are certain to enhance your creativity, as well as increase your workflow speed tenfold. Game-changing improvements have been made to the way automation works, as well as the welcome addition of some new devices, handy tips for zooming, easier hotkeys and much more. If you’d like to learn how these new features work in more depth, Point Blank offer courses that specialise in Music Production & Sound Engineering. If you’re just starting out as a producer, their Intro to Music Production course is perfect for getting to grips with the basics in either Ableton or Logic Pro.

Below, see Point Blank’s roundup of key features and watch their very own DJ Ravine geek out over the latest add-ons.

Users will now be able to import their own wavetables into Live’s wavetable oscillator synth meaning more variation and customisation to your sounds. The DAW will now include a number of new devices such as ‘Channel EQ’, which features curves and gain ranges for precise EQing, and ‘Delay’, which merges the original Ping Pong Delay with Simple Delay. Possibly one of the update’s most exciting add-ons will change the way you create automation. The new automation tool lets you choose from a number of basic shapes which can be stretched and skewed, as well as edited numerically to quickly give your automation cleaner progressions. Improvements have been made to the zoom functionality incorporating trackpad integration to the DAW – this meaning pinch to zoom is now a thing, folks. Also, you may be relieved to hear that the ability to freeze tracks with Glue Compressor enabled will soon become reality.