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Interview: Elad Magdasi talks Front Left Records and life in Berlin

Interview: Elad Magdasi

Elad Magdasi continues his pursuit of techno greatness as he adds another promising imprint to his growing musical catalogue, this time debuting on Selected with a new 4-track release that also includes a remix from Ferdinger.

The Berlin-based artist has become a regular contributor on platforms like HÖR and HATE, and his own Front Left Records imprint has hosted productions from heavy hitters like Matrixxmann and Hector Oaks.

We spoke to him recently to talk about his process in building relationships with record labels, his plans for Front Left going forward, and what he loves about living in the German capital. Get the full discussion with Elad Magdasi below.

Hi Elad, how are things for you in Berlin at the moment?

Things are great thanks! I am very happy how the summer is going so far. Berlin has been really nice, and I am touring quite a bit. My DJ career is more full time than ever before, but I love it. It can be exhausting, but I am fully committed and very happy. I get to visit lots of new places and explore exciting cities.

What have been some club highlights for you this summer?

The first edition of BODIES was absolutely amazing. I played b2b with my husband Mathias Weber, the crowd was so beautiful and diverse, I felt so connected to them and that was super special.

Playing in Switzerland for Nachtfalter was also an incredible experience, as the location was between mountains in the middle of a valley, and the scenery was stunning. I even stayed for a few days to tour the area; it was mesmerising!

We have previously seen your music release on labels like Anagram and Meat Recordings, what’s your typical process when it comes to finding a label to release with?

Even though it’s possible to reach labels with demos, I have learned from my own experience that the best way to reach labels is to connect with their owners. Real connection is the best way, and one that cannot be forced.

I do still scout for new music and write to artists proactively as a label owner, but all the connections I have formed with the labels you mentioned were private connections in real life, which brought us to release music on each other’s labels.

You also run your own imprint with Front Left Records, which has seen appearances from Matrixxman, Hector Oaks, and Blind Observatory, what are some of your long-term goals for the label?

I founded the label in 2014 with my husband. Our concept was originally to release music from artists who dance together at the front left corner of the dancefloor.

Over the years, and especially during COVID, we have evolved and now release music from artists who share our general vibe, which is love, diversity, open mindedness, and passion for dancing.

Alongside our vinyl releases, we started doing digital VA’s, which let us release music from more artists and release more often. Vinyl production takes around 12 months now, so it’s very hard to finalise a record.

Who else might we see release on Front Left in the near future?

Our fourth VA is coming out at the beginning of September, with some new additions to the label such as Gabriella Vergilov, ANNĒ, Sera J, Cristian Marras, and Rill. All of them are now friends of the label in one way or another.

We also appear on HÖR a few times a year, where we host one of our Front Left artists alongside a b2b from myself and Mathias. We are always happy to hear new demos and host new artists on the label, so send us your music. I will also release my new 4-track solo EP at the end of the month.

And your own music, which other labels might we see you on?

I just released an EP on Selected, which is a berlin-based label. It included 3 originals and a remix from Ferdinger, who has been one of my favourite artists recently. I am exploring some offers from other labels as well but haven’t confirmed any tracks just yet. Honestly, the more I tour the less time I have to produce new music, it’s the DJ-producer math that many have to learn when the tour schedule is getting denser.

Besides the club scene, what’s your favourite thing about living in Berlin?

My husband and my friends, I love the people around me and I enjoy every day with the people I love. I feel at ease here. I don’t know if it’s the people, the overall lifestyle I have, or a combination of things, but I’m at peace and that’s very important for my mindset.

In comparison to other cities, Berlin might be dirty and not as fancy, but there is a magic here that is made by the bubble you create around yourself, mixing friends, culture, and of course the nightlife, which I have never experienced in other cities.

And what is one other city you want to visit at some point in your life?

I would really love to work remotely on a beach city for a while, or during the Berlin winter. Sure, I can’t DJ like that, so that would mean a short break, but we all need one at some point. I love Thailand and islands like Ko Pha Ngan, I have been there before and it is like heaven for relaxation, so that would be one of my picks.

Is there anything else you would like to mention before we go?

For my upcoming record, I am working on four new music videos, as I always do with my releases. Mixing my audio and visual worlds are a huge privilege, which I enjoy a lot.

For two of the tracks, I am working on recorded videos, then one animated video, and one video will be made from old archived movies.

All four will be uploaded to HATE on September 30th, so make sure to check them out, and thank you so much for having me. Also, there will be a Front Left Showcase with HÖR on September 29th, I can’t wait!

Elad Magdasi – Glow EP is out now on Selected.

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