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Edd talks ‘Mama Used To Say’, the Malta club scene, and more

Interview: Edd

Emerging DJ & producer Edd recently made his debut appearance on Three Six Zero Recordings, with the release of a fiery vocal house thumper titled ‘Mama Used To Say’.

The track follows a number of strong releases from the Ibiza-based artist, including previous outings on labels such as Rawsome Deep, Trick, Glasgow Underground, and Fantastic Voyage.

We spoke to Edd to ask him about his new single, what advice he might give to other aspiring producers, his thoughts on his native Maltese club scene, and more. Get the full discussion with Edd below.

Hey Edd, we hope you’re doing well at the moment, how has your week been so far?

Hello hello. I just came back from a crazy weekend on the tiny island of Gozo, where we had events on every night for four days. Three days following my return and I’m still not fully recovered, but it was absolutely worth it.

You started 2022 with your first release on Three Six Zero Recordings, how would you describe ‘Mama Used To Say’ in your own words?

‘Mama Used To Say’ is a track which I made back in 2019. Since then, I feel as though my style has changed quite a bit, but I still feel like this track fits appropriately in most of my sets. Therefore, I would describe this track as being an energetic and feel-good house tune that is easy to enjoy if played in the right context.

And why did the track come as a single, instead of an EP with other originals or remixes?

That was purely the decision of the label to keep the spotlight on the track which they heavily believe in – Mama Used To Say. I feel as though this was the right decision and in general, certain releases deserve to be kept as singles while other tracks are more appropriate when forming part of an EP.

Previously, you’ve also released music on Trick, Glasgow Underground, and Rawsome Deep, what advice would you give to anyone that wants to sign tracks with these kinds of labels?

In general, I believe that to sign music on a label, it is important to understand the direction that the label is taking in regards to its sound. That being said, I don’t think artists should make music with the objective of signing to a label. At the end of the day, if an artist can keep a unique identity while acquiring the backing of a label, they would be paving the way to be successful while remaining true to their own creativity.

Which other labels might we expect to see you on in 2022?

This release has started to increase the exposure that I receive, so thankfully I have some big plans which are being handled. I cannot mention any names at the moment, but you will definitely be hearing from me again this year.

You’re from Malta, a relatively tiny country with a population of around half a million, what’s the local club scene like on the island?

The local club scene is constantly growing and improving. More and more festivals are coming to the island, and the crowd of locals who are interested in joining the raves is also growing. I also think that the Maltese scene has so much potential to grow over the next few years, and I’m so excited to attempt to implement new ideas on the island.

And who are some other emerging Maltese producers that you think are worth checking out?

I would DEFINITELY check out my brothers Husko and AP, two district residents that are absolutely killing the scene with their productions and sets. I’ve made music in the past with both lads, and I can confirm they’re absolute party-starters!

Anything else you would like to mention before we go?

I’m so excited to continue releasing tracks and hearing people’s reactions. Thank you so much for having me, it was an absolute pleasure!

Edd – Mama Used To Say is out now on Three Six Zero Recordings.

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