Earl Sweatshirt drops new material | Soundspace

Earl Sweatshirt drops new material

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Those eagerly awaiting new material from Earl Sweatshirt will have been surprised by what they heard when the artist uploaded his track ‘Pelicula’ to Apple Music.

The track consists of a vocal-less beat that swings more towards Earl’s randomblackdude producer alias.

Back in January Earl dropped the track ‘Wind In My Sails’, but apart from that there hasn’t been much material surfacing since 2015’s I Don’t Like Shit, I Don’t Go Outside. The rapper made his DJ’ing debut earlier in the year under the name DJ Earl Fletcher for a Boiler Room x GoPro event.

With that debut under his belt, and a well produced, vocal-less track, many believe that this could be the beginning of a new venture for Earl. The track itself is introduced via an intimidating and dark atmosphere before prolonged strings and funky guitar licks can be heard echoing in the background. Only time will tell what Earl’s up to next.