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Download: Malbetrieb – Ghetto

Malbetrieb, real name Niels Schilder, is a producer hailing from the North of Holland. Being one of the original founders of the Klopfgiest imprint and club Paradigm in Groningen he is partly to thank for the up and coming scene that exists in said area. The label itself has hosted names such Tale of Us and Sigward whilst his ‘Parody’ residency has featured the faces of DJ Tennis and Mano Le Tough.

Malbetrieb’s first exposure to electronic music came in the form of a cassette tape, possessing the sounds of The Prodigy, given to him by his cousin. A live performance from The Orb made sense of this new musical passion and it wasn’t long before Malbetrieb was crafting his own productions in his parents basement. Now his setup is completely analog; “letting the ears do the talking.”

Malbetrieb’s latest track, ‘Ghetto’ comes courtesy of Chapter 24 Records, an imprint that prides itself on its ability to take the listener on a journey through sound. ‘Ghetto’ is certainly a journey. Otherworldly ambience swamps around the listener as a dull bassline maintains a steady rhythm. The groove continues to grow with each passing second. Cult like groans give the track a strange, religious feel as abstract synths tantalise and inspire.