Download: LHK - Eloquence | Soundspace

Download: LHK – Eloquence

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Ireland comes up trumps time and time again when it comes to production. Mano Le Tough, Sunil Sharpe and Bicep are all products of the overcast isles.

LHK is a producer that hails from Waterford in Ireland. At only nineteen years old he’s just embarking on his journey into sound, but don’t let that fool you, the sound that radiates from within represents a talent far beyond his young years.

Features have previously appeared on When We Dip and Sweet Melodic, all the result of tireless and romantic production from within the four walls of the Irishman’s bedroom.

Eloquence is beautifully constructed. Warped vocals incite images of a lost civilisation, whilst hypnotic, ethereal swirls of melodic noise tell a tale of a futuristic world. The concoction of past and present makes for an epic and euphoric journey. Get it for free below!