Brazilian producer DOT shares new 'Everything Comes In Waves' EP | Soundspace

Brazilian producer DOT shares new ‘Everything Comes In Waves’ EP

DOT shares new 'Everything Comes In Waves' EP

Living in a moment of creative fizz, producing and releasing frequently, Brazilian producer DOT has surprised us with his latest ‘Everything Comes In Waves’ EP – showing a creative side that’s different from the norm and illustrating a constant search for new ways of expression.

The track, which carries organic drums with a progressive feel, is a composition that captures the essence of the continuous flow of life and stands out for its long 10 minute duration, offering different moments of ecstasy to the listener.

This track marks DOT’s third release on his own label, Karuana, after debuting there in 2022 with his remix of ‘Shelter’, followed by his ‘Eu Vou Pra Bahia’ EP, which came out in January of this year.

Now with ‘Everything Comes In Waves’, he presents an approach that plays with the track’s tempo, speeding up and slowing down at strategic moments, subtle recalling the progressive productions created in the early 2000s, which carried this traveling and melodic aspect.

The music offers an immersive experience where each sound, despite seeming different, is intrinsically connected, forming a cohesive production. This sound structure reflects the journey of life, where different moments and emotions, although distinct, interconnect and influence each other.

“The day I produced this track I freed myself from a lot of restraints and ‘plastered’ ways of producing, so much so that this crazy sound came out. I’d never done anything like it before. I discovered a new way of working, producing, and creating. It’s a song with a very important personal meaning for me and represents a turning point in my project” says the artist.

DOT – Everything Comes In Waves EP is out now on Karuana.

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