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DJ BORING returns with ‘Like Water’ EP

DJ BORING returns with new track + EP announcement

Melbourne born, London based producer DJ BORING joins Technicolour to release Like Water, his first EP in two years. The tracks were originally produced as part of his acclaimed live show, which consisted of 100% new, unreleased music, and sparked much excitement amongst fans, who have been searching for the tracks ever since.

Primarily created with the live show in mind, which is a special place for Hallis, the four tracks showcase a variety of inspirations from Chicago house, Detroit techno through to trance and funk. “Although created for the live show I wanted this EP to be more than club tracks and have a sense of fun to it” He explains.

From the uplifting title track ‘Like Water’ through to punchy yet melodic ‘Stockholm Syndrome’, an ode to his much-loved cat back in Melbourne, Hallis’ humorous and energetic personality shines through.

The striking visuals that accompany the live show and forthcoming EP are created by New York based artist Amir Jahanbin. “I wanted to find an artist that would integrate colour and fun into my set. I found Amir and instantly resonated with the colours and figures that he had created.” Hallis added, “His bright pixelated animations worked perfectly with my music”.

DJ BORING’s Like Water EP will drop June 12th on Technicolour.