Dirt Crew welcome's BAL 5000 to SPIEL | Soundspace

Dirt Crew welcome’s BAL 5000 to SPIEL

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BAL5000 is the latest addition to the Dirt Crew family, the Budapest native joins via a five track EP on their SPIEL sister label. With four of the five limited to physical, and a digi-only exclusive in ‘Cop’, the For Kid Caprice EP is both eclectic and generous.

We have a full stream of the title track, bringing bright synth chords, lovely percussion grooves and a low flung bassline that sits in the background. While the other four inclusions offer acid resonance, disco drums and a wealth of darkened harmonies. “A soundtrack for traversing the cosmos or blissfully swaying on a dance floor”.

BAL 5000 – For Kid Caprice is out now on Dirt Crew / SPIEL.