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David Attenborough is hosting a remix competition

David Attenborough is hosting a remix competition

Sir David Attenborough shouldn’t really need an introduction to anyone, his Life Series, Blue Planet and Our Planet documentaries are some of the most successful geographical and biological films of all time.

It should also come as no surprise that he’s seen, done, and experienced a lot of things that most people won’t get the chance to, including a vast and eclectic collection of musical styles and performances.

During his time working on Zoo Quest almost 70 years ago, Attenborough spent time in Bali researching species of exotic animals and managed to grab some field recordings of a Gamelan orchestra. Now, in partnership with Songlines and PRS Foundation, he’s hosting a remix competition of the unique works titled Gender Wayang.

“The villagers will sit down while the leader of the gamelan orchestra will convey his composition, teaching them, one at a time how to play. They then play this concerted music with extraordinary precision and real zest. The traditions that had been developed over centuries were still continued with no knowledge of Western styles of music, which since then have enveloped the world, so these sounds which I captured with that clumsy tape recorder 60 years ago have a quality that you wouldn’t be able to replicate today.”

Entries to the competition will first be judged by a panel of experts, including Gilles Peterson, Ghostpoet, Matthew Herbert, Hannah Peel, Cerys Matthews and David Attenborough. Six remixes will then be shortlisted and put to a public vote to decide a winner.

The final deadline for entries is Monday 10th June, voting will then run from July 19th through September 15th, with the winner announced on November 1st.

For more information on how to enter visit the PRS Foundation website. You can listen to Gender Wayang below.