Curses joins OFF Recordings with 'Jetzt Oder Nie' | Soundspace

Curses joins OFF Recordings with ‘Jetzt Oder Nie’

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Rating: 8.5


Translating to ‘now or never’, Curses latest Jetzt Oder Nie EP makes a statement, that the New Yorker is giving it everything this year.

Fours tracks, three originals and a great remix from Sebastian Voigt, sets a new standard for Curses as a producer, and we have no doubt he’s ready to impress.

We premiere the title track, a hybrid groover of dark techno rhythms with warm, vibrating house synths. It comes as an almost perfect showcase of the new OFF Recordings.

Curses – Jetzt Oder Nie EP will be available via Andre Crom’s OFF Recordings from January 18th.

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