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Create a Track on Point Blank’s Music Machine to Win Studio Setup & Online Course Worth £1,295

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Point Blank have given their Music Machine a fresh look


Point Blank has recently given its Music Machine a fresh look, together with updated loops and genres. You’ll find deep house, drum & bass, funky house, electro, hip-hop loops and everything in between. If that wasn’t exciting enough, Point Blank is also giving away an online course and studio setup worth £1,295 to the music maker who submits the best track. The setup includes a pair of KRK Rokit monitors, Novation LaunchKey 25 keyboard and Focusrite 2i2 soundcard. The deadline for competition entries is 28th February, so head here to get involved by creating and submitting your track!

Those of you who’ve fully explored the Point Blank website will no doubt already be familiar with the Point Blank Music Machine. It’s their very own loop sequencer capable of putting full tracks together using a selection of samples from across multiple genres. For anyone not familiar, it’s a simple machine – drag your loop from the style of your choice and start making music right in your browser! It’s easy to use, capable of impressive results and one of the most popular sections of the Point Blank website.

Remember to register (or log in) and get your entries submitted by 28th February to be in with a chance to win! If you enjoy playing with Point Blank’s Music Machine and want to know how to make the music they use in the loops, check out Point Blank’s online courses which show you how to make the music from scratch yourself.