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Classmatic on Organic Pieces imprint, working with Prok | Fitch, and more

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Past releases on some of the best house imprints on the planet, including Hot Creations, Solid Grooves, and Cuttin’ Headz, have catapulted Classmatic’s music career to a point where he’s now seen as one of the most exciting names in tech house.

The Brazilian artist enters 2023 looking to capitalise on his hype in the best way possible, by launching a new record label of his own. The inaugural release to come on his Organic Pieces imprint is a collaborative 3-track offering between himself and Prok | Fitch, titled ‘Lately’.

We spoke to Classmatic recently, where we asked him about his past successes, what his vision is for Organic Pieces going forward, what else we might expect to see from him this year, and more.

Classmatic! How are things going for you in 2023 so far?

Really well, thanks for asking! I’ve been really busy with my label and DJing a lot around the world.

You’re launching your new Organic Pieces imprint, why is now the right time for you to become a label owner?

That’s right. I feel like the time is right as I’ve already released my music on many of the labels I like and have looked up to, such as Hot Creations, Solid Grooves, and Cuttin’ Headz. Of course, I still want to release my music on other labels that I haven’t yet released on. But my main goal was to release on those labels. Besides that, I felt that now was the right time because I’ve been listening to so much quality music from upcoming artists for the last few years and I can offer them an opportunity to release their music in good hands.

The first release on the label is your own ‘Lately’ EP, which is a collaboration between yourself and Prok | Fitch, how would you describe the two originals featured on this one?

Ben, James, and I have been talking about making something together for a while. I’ve been a big fan of Prok | Fitch’s music, since about 2015 to be honest, and it’s a pleasure for me to release the first release from the label with them. I think ‘Lately’ is something a little deeper with some minimalistic sounds to play at the end of my sets, and ‘Next To Me’ is the perfect weapon to play in the middle of my DJ sets to introduce some introspective vibes.

And it also includes a ‘Terrace Mix’ of the title track, how does that differ from the original version?

Good question. The ‘Terrace Mix’ was our first version of ‘Lately’. But we wanted to test another version just to check which one we should release. James and Ben created the first idea of the ‘Original Mix’ for ‘Lately’, and I loved it. So, I finished that one and decided to release both different versions because we loved them. The ‘Terrace Mix’ is a little more energetic and straight, and the ‘Original Mix’ is slightly deeper and minimalistic.

Who else can we expect to see on the label over the next few months?

Anthiago (Antss), Shaf Huse, Jamie Coins, and many more.

And will you still be releasing your music with other labels? If so, who?

Yeah, I will for sure, but I can’t tell you too much right now because we are waiting for some answers to confirm the next few releases. I’ll be announcing the news on them soon though.

Thanks for answering our questions, is there anything else you want to bring attention to before we go?

It was a pleasure to have this conversation with you guys. My last message is to follow Organic Pieces on Instagram because I will release a lot of quality music over the next few months!

Classmatic & Prok | Fitch – Lately EP is out now on Organic Pieces.

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