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Christian Smith and Drunken Kong collaborate for ‘Succession’ EP

Christian Smith and Drunken Kong have teamed up for their latest release ‘Succession’, which also features dark and driving remix work from Spanish artists Cesar Almena and Nuke.

Most techno fans need little introduction to Christian Smith and Drunken Kong, as they have separately featured on other imprints like Drumcode and Terminal M. And have previously collaborated to release on Christian’s highly regarded Tronic imprint.

Their ‘Succession’ original is characterised by the morphing tones of a powerful arpeggio, which is nestled with claps and an ominous vocal sample – while the bottom end is defined by a slamming kick drum and dense rolling bassline.

Cesar Almena’s stripped-back version switches the main groove to a breakbeat pattern and swaps the original lead synth for some dystopian pad sounds. Nuke provides the second remix, where his version orientates around a replaced lead synth which adds trippy atmosphere to raw percussive sounds.

Christian Smith & Drunken Kong – Succession EP is out now on CODE Records.

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