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Cesare vs Disorder releases new EP on Suleiman

New on the Suleiman record label is a four-track EP by Cesare vs Disorder, who has previously showcased himself on the likes of Big Dada, BPitch Control, Transmat, and Watergate Records.

Cesare vs Disorder first made a name for himself during the minimal revival of the mid ’00s but has continued to develop his sound and remains one of the genre’s most innovative attractions.

His atmospheric tracks have a big emphasis on sound design and texture, which makes sense when you find out he also scores sound for TV and film.

Although still stripped back with minimal elements, this bass-heavy EP is mainly abstract house and breaks, with a broad range of styles squeezed in.

‘Automatic Window’ is the opening track, and it brings an old school jungle influence with throbbing sub-bass and heavy breakbeats. ‘Just A Couple Hrs’ has elements of Detroit style electro with its raw sound and machine-funk groove.

The style of the release changes quite dramatically with the third track ‘Peruibe’, which is atmospheric electronica in the style of labels like Warp or Ninja Tune. The previous two tracks were both club-focused, but this leans more towards the home listening category.

The release then returns to club focused tracks with ‘Shanghai – São Paulo’. It has a classic minimal style with a four-to-the-floor kick drum and lots of spacious atmosphere, built around a solid framework of energetic percussion.

Cesare vs Disorder – Automatic Window is out now on Suleiman.

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