Cesare vs Disorder releases 'New Order' EP on Suleiman | Soundspace

Cesare vs Disorder releases ‘New Order’ EP on Suleiman

Cesare vs Disorder releases deep tech EP 'New Order'

Suleiman’s back catalogue includes music from the likes of Onur Ozman, Robert Babicz, Kris Wadsworth, and Butane, and they welcome back Cesare vs Disorder for his second EP on the Canadian imprint.

All four of the tracks on this release will appeal to existing Cesare vs Disorder fans, as they have his usual blend of deep atmospheres, jazz sounds, and minimal grooves. Stripped back and full of intriguing sounds, it’s a strong release that’s both chic and raw.

First of the four cuts here is the title track ‘New Order’, which orientates around a looped piano riff that’s intertwined with tightly sequenced percussion and textured effects. ‘Abaya’ is a trippy production with rippling synth textures and a jazzy double bass sample that’s mixed with congas and sparse bursts of vocal that add to the ensemble.

‘Limanade’ is a captivating cut that has despondent chords and bubbling textures layered with a breakbeat percussion loop to create an experimental track. ‘Sogno Di Una Notte Di Mezza Estate’ ends the release with soothing vocals and a downtempo groove with delicate melodies that give it an uplifting vibe.

Cesare vs Disorder – New Order EP is out now on Suleiman.

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